Why is golf attractive to football players? (Part 2)

Why do players love GOLF?

The goals of golf players are quite different. Perhaps the joy of golf comes from the calm, serene spirit, and tranquil environment that the golf course brings.

According to experts, most of the players have the natural qualities to become good golfers. This is the most popular sport not only for the players but also for the coaches because golf is considered one of the relatively safe sports.

Some soccer clubs encourage players to play golf instead of tennis to minimize the risk of injury. Players have free space, while also helping the players to train their spirit before the pressure of antagonistic matches like soccer.

Rất nhiều ngôi sao bóng đá thế giới đã có niềm đam mê với golf

In Italy, there is also an annual golf championship for players or the team The Westwoods Cup like the Ryder Cup for players around the world.

Especially in England, there are many tournaments for players such as: the annual charity tournament called Manchester Unted Foundation Golf, a former member of the club. This tournament was born in 2010 and Wayne Rooney is the most champion, twice.

The Red Devils of English football are MU and Liverpool, who are unbelievable opponents who continue to pioneer at the golf course. These two clubs last year launched a charity tournament called The Busby Shankly Cup that brings together the legends of the two clubs. The first time the tournament took place at Mere Golf Club, Cheshire region in September 2015.

Vì sao golf là môn thể thao dành riêng cho giới siêu giàu?

For golfers who love golf, when they retire, they spend more time on golf while playing, now they have more time to enjoy life. Some players usually play 5 times a week.

Speaking of the golf movement among professional players, people often think of England. Indeed, English Premier League clubs have the oldest golf tradition, more than any other country. The most prominent of these are the players from the golf hometown.