The owner of the disaster putt apologizes for causing offensive

Danny Lee regretted the unsportsmanlike closing in the penultimate round of major US Open on September 19.

“I apologized for the bad actions at the US Open last week. It was extremely unsportsmanlike and stupid and of course offended fans and sponsors,” Lee wrote on Twitter on September 22. “The tired mood and suffering from trauma for the whole week made me lose control. But I shouldn’t.”

“And I also want to apologize to the American Golf Association – USGA. Their organization is great, on and off the field. Now, I’ll have to take the time to reflect on that action. In the match, I will be a kinder, more athletic person,” added the Korean New Zealand golfer.

On September 19, Lee went green and was about to finish the third round of the major event held by the USGA at West Winged Foot Stadium, New York. At that time, his ball was 1.2 meters from the hole with a high probability of keeping par. But he deflected the ball and made the ball 1.5 meters beyond the crater.

In the next four putts, Lee lurched on goal and carelessly dribbled. After each shot, the ball is 1.8 – 1.8 – 2.1 – 1.2 meters from the hole in turn. On the sixth time, Lee finished work from 2.1 meters, at the quintuple-bogey point, five strokes more than the par hole. Lee later left the tournament because of wrist pain.

Watching the clip is to know the personality of a buffalo. Even the number one golfer in the world number two, they are always extremely cautious and serious in preparing their posture, swinging the stick. And Golf Digest likened Lee’s closing scene to a broken mouse beat.

Last PGA Tour season, Lee attended 22 events, finishing 45th FedEx Cup. You are ranked 112 in the world. Golfer was born in 1990 as a professional since 2009, only has a PGA Tour trophy, at Greenbrier Classic 2015. When he won US Amateur 2008 at the age of 18, Lee broke Tiger Woods’ record to become the youngest champion in this award history.