The beauty was refused to kiss by the golf superstar

The beauty Jena Sims shared about the humiliating time when she was about to give her husband a kiss and was overwhelmed when she met Tiger Woods.

Jena Sims, a 31-year-old American actress and model, was humiliated by former world No. 1 Brooks Koepka on the PGA Championship, which ended on May 19, 2019. After completing the first shot, in the final of the PGA tournament, Brooks Koepka was approached by Jena Sims to kiss, but the golfer refused, which made the beauty extremely shy.

Surprisingly, because Jana is Brooks’ girlfriend, she wants to go ahead and kiss her boyfriend lucky, but the world’s No. 1 golfer does not want that. Falling into an ironic situation, the 31-year-old model and actress walked away with her face still red.

Knowing that his girlfriend was “disadvantaged”, after winning the trophy worth 1.98 million USD, Brooks Koepka went to a beautiful girlfriend and compensated a passionate kiss. Jena Sims and Brooks Koepka are the most uncle couple in the golf world. Jena is a famous model and excellent American actress, and Brooks is currently the number 8 golfer in the world.

Recently, the 31-year-old girl once again shared this story with the press. in terms of artifacts and spirit.

Sims, 31, recently also became the topic of discussion among social media users, because she had an amazed expression when standing near golf legend Tiger Woods.

She seemed overwhelmed when she met Woods, the actress and model said: “If you stood next to Tiger, wouldn’t you look at him the same way?”.

Koepka’s boyfriend considers this feeling normal for Jena Sims, so he said: “I’m not jealous of this photo, it’s normal to meet an idol”.

It is known that the couple Koepka and Sims have been in love for 3 years, they are looking towards marriage.