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Tiger Woods ex-girlfriend broke up with her lover for reasons that no one expected

After breaking up with Tiger Woods, the ski beauty found new happiness, but it was not long before she said goodbye.

On December 30, the former ski queen won the Olympic gold and two world championships, Lindsey Vonn confirmed on his personal page the break up with the 4-year-old hockey star P.K. Subban after 3 years of dating. The couple confirmed their love no longer but would still be friends.

The couple broke up but did not reveal the reason: “After a long period of deliberation, we have decided to step on our own path. We will still maintain the friendship and love each other”. On the other hand, Subban gave wishes to ex-girlfriends, both mentality was very positive when breaking up.

Vonn and Subban met at a sporting event in 2017 and quickly fell in love. Both had plans to get married but had to postpone due to the influence of Covid-19. And without waiting for the end of Covid-19, the couple broke up and no marriage will take place.

In 2013, Lindsey Vonn had a famous affair with golf legend, Tiger Woods, they planned to get married, but in 2015, the pair broke up because of many disagreements. Then the press uncovered that the main reason leading to their breakup was the American “wooden tiger” adultery.

On social networks, audiences find out for themselves the reason why Vonn and Subban broke up. Someone claims “happy”, that the mascot of the hockey team where Subban is playing makes the couple apart. In the stands, every time Subban plays bad, the other mascot holds up a sign “Vonn does better than you (Subban)”.

“Joking like that has made our player (Subban) psychologically obsessed or even haunted. Men are never less than women, and if that happens then it’s best”, a meaningful audience write on Twitter.