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Tiger Woods ex-girlfriend broke up with her lover for reasons that no one expected

After breaking up with Tiger Woods, the ski beauty found new happiness, but it was not long before she said goodbye.

On December 30, the former ski queen won the Olympic gold and two world championships, Lindsey Vonn confirmed on his personal page the break up with the 4-year-old hockey star P.K. Subban after 3 years of dating. The couple confirmed their love no longer but would still be friends.

The couple broke up but did not reveal the reason: “After a long period of deliberation, we have decided to step on our own path. We will still maintain the friendship and love each other”. On the other hand, Subban gave wishes to ex-girlfriends, both mentality was very positive when breaking up.

Vonn and Subban met at a sporting event in 2017 and quickly fell in love. Both had plans to get married but had to postpone due to the influence of Covid-19. And without waiting for the end of Covid-19, the couple broke up and no marriage will take place.

In 2013, Lindsey Vonn had a famous affair with golf legend, Tiger Woods, they planned to get married, but in 2015, the pair broke up because of many disagreements. Then the press uncovered that the main reason leading to their breakup was the American “wooden tiger” adultery.

On social networks, audiences find out for themselves the reason why Vonn and Subban broke up. Someone claims “happy”, that the mascot of the hockey team where Subban is playing makes the couple apart. In the stands, every time Subban plays bad, the other mascot holds up a sign “Vonn does better than you (Subban)”.

“Joking like that has made our player (Subban) psychologically obsessed or even haunted. Men are never less than women, and if that happens then it’s best”, a meaningful audience write on Twitter.

Tiger Woods was abandoned by his wife after having an affair with Uchitel

The legend of golf had to break up with his wife after cheating with the nightclub boss.

Tiger Woods, 44 years old, American is a famous golf legend worldwide. Tiger Woods has spent a total of 15 Majors and has held the number 1 spot in the world for many years. Without the bad habits, the career of an American golfer would be even greater.

Woods has a sex addiction, according to newspapers in the US, 44-year-old golfer has had relationships outside the stream with hundreds of different beauties. Once married in 2004, however, in 2010, Woods became a single golfer when his scandal clumsy was discovered by his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren.

One of the reasons Woods had to say goodbye to his ex-wife was when he was discovered going back and forth with Rachel Uchitel, a nightclub owner in America. Most recently, Uchitel, 45, said he would detail his love story with Woods in HBO’s documentary Tiger, which will be broadcast in mid-December.

According to the HBO press release, Uchitel has just ended a marriage and the woman thinks this is the right time to tell secrets while she is still passionate with Woods.

Speaking to Heather McDonald on the podcast, the woman revealed: “I feel that people have seen me as cheap for the past 10 years, and I think it’s time to tell the truth, to vindicate myself. I was stuck in my life after I had a relationship with Tiger Woods”.

“Tiger got out of trouble with his form, trophies on the golf course. But the women often don’t get such a chance, not just with him (Woods) but with any scandals, and that. And I just felt I needed a voice in the end. I endured 10 years and now I’m going to tell the truth”, Uchitel closed.

In fact, Woods had to suffer great consequences after the affair, because Elin Nordegren, the beautiful wife, abandoned Tiger Woods as soon as he heard the news.

Currently, Woods is living with his girlfriend Erica Herman, this is a girl who does not really stand out, but it is the person that Tiger Woods is very grateful for because this woman pulled him out of the bog to get back to normal life and continue playing golf. 

HOT sports news November 14: Murray respects the records of Federer and Nadal

Andy Murray, the former world number one player, recently admitted Federer and Nadal’s record of Grand Slam titles was unprecedented.

Murray respects the records of Federer and Nadal

British tennis player Andy Murray has confirmed that he admires what Federer or Nadal has done in his career. Although he had time to overcome this duo to dominate the ATP chart, Murray still admits he believes no one will reach the top like Federer and Nadal.

Andy Murray was once a counterpart to Federer or Nadal

“For me, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal’s Grand Slam record is unprecedented. I know how difficult it is to win 20 titles. I can’t believe one day that record was broken by anyone. It is hard to believe when the duo are still playing and threatening to break their own records “- Murray shared.

Tiger Woods suddenly lost his form

On the second day of competition at The Masters 2020, Tiger Woods suddenly lost his form compared to the previous day. Although still having 2 “birdie” points, the American golfer also got 2 “bogey” points and was forced to stop playing after the 10th hole. Thus, Tiger Woods’ achievement is still -4 after 2 days of playing. 5 strokes more than the top group.

“Huge” 2m26 wants to stick with the Boston Celtic for life

Tacko Fall, the highest basketball player in the American Professional Basketball (NBA) tournament, has just revealed his intention to stick with the Boston Celtics Club for life. “I said it many times. If I could, I would play until I retire for the Boston Celtic. The team trusted me and gave me opportunities. That’s what touched me.” However, whether Tacko Fall can stay or not depends on the Boston Celtics leadership because the player is still playing mainly in the second team.

The “new” Khabib continues to provoke Adesanya

Khamzat Chimaev, the puncher dubbed the “new Khabib” of the UFC floor, will be on stage with Leon Edwards in December. However, the Russian-born puncher repeatedly provoked middleweight champion (77 to 84 kg), Israel Adesanya. Most recently, Chimaev posted his winning video with a reminder “Want to fly, Adesanya?”.

Legendary news Djokovic will level the record of Federer

Greg Rusedski, former UK No. 1 tennis player and ranked 4th ATP, believes Novak Djokovic is capable of leveling the ATP Finals championship record of great rival Roger Federer.

Currently, Nole has been crowned 5 times in the tournament for the top 8 male players in the world, equal to the achievements of Ivan Lendl, Pete Sampras and 1 championship behind Federer. Season 2020, ATP Finals takes place in London (UK) from November 15 to November 22.

Mickelson suddenly thanked Tiger Woods

Sharing on his personal page on September 2, Phil Mickelson expressed his gratitude to the great contributions that once-time rival Tiger Woods made to golf.

There have been some Mickelson skeptics who want attention, but the American player insists it comes from the heart. As for the reason not to tag Woods’ official account to the open letter, Mickelson admitted he didn’t know how.

Mickelson claimed that thanks to Woods, golf is more popular in the world, and prize money has increased sharply over the past two decades. On the PGA Tour, Woods holds the prize money record, at $120,787 million while Mickelson is second with $ 92,107 million.

Mickelson has been playing professionally since 1992, winning five major in 44 PGA Tour titles and 10 European Tour titles. Woods started his career four years later, won 15 major, shared a record 82 PGA Tour titles with legendary Sam Snead and held world number one for a total of 683 weeks.

On May 24, Woods and his friends Peyton Manning defeated Phil Mickelson – Tom Brady at Medalist Stadium, Florida, bringing in $ 20 million to Covid-19 relief operations in the US. This event is The Match for the second time and there is no field audience. The program attracted 5.8 million direct viewers.

The two made a more compelling match against each other in hole 5. Mickelson then asked Woods to mark the ball 73 meters from the green. At The Match for the first time in Shadow Creek in November 2018, Lefty won “Super Tiger” after 22 resistance holes, earning $ 9 million.

PGA Tour season 2019-2020, Mickelson hit 16 awards with two top 3 finishes and seven times without cut. With his slumping form after three months of translation break and being cut off at the Northern Trust – the first event of the play-off trio on August 21, Mickelson left the FedEx Cup race.

Woods also attended seven tournaments, winning the Zozo Championship in two times in the top 10 final. He reached the BMW Championship – second playoff but put his stick on all four rounds and then finished T51 with +11. This is Woods’ first time in the tournament since the Bridgestone Invitational 2010. And as a result, he did not have a ticket to the Tour Championship at East Lake Stadium from September 4-7 for the top 30 FedEx Cup.