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Is playing golf in summer good for health?

Let’s protect our health with healthy, scientific and rational habits to play golf that really bring not only fun and passion but also help us improve our health and fitness. Let’s learn about methods that can help you maintain your health.

The scorching heat that comes very early in the early summer seems to be finding the secret to exhausting most golfers on every golf course. A cold water bottle or a sports water bottle would be the best way to refresh?

With the hot, humid weather of a country with a tropical, monsoon climate, golfers can lose about 2 liters of water in just 1 hour. If the amount of water lost is not compensated, the body will fall into a state of thirst, dehydration and affect most cardiovascular and muscular systems. Choosing the right drink and amount of extra water is important to protect the health of every golfer during the summer months. See how nutritionists recommend golfers.

Before the round

Drink about ½ quart of water before meals. Drinks can be mineral water, sports drinks or fruit juice. Meals need to be conducted 2-3 hours before playing. Drink about ¼ liter of water 10-20 minutes immediately before going to the golf course.

In the round

Need to maintain drinking water throughout the game. One of the most sensible ways is to drink little by little while getting to the tee position of a new hole. Water requirements are not entirely the same among individuals. Therefore, the advice of experts is that we should compare body weight before and after playing and monitor the amount of water consumed in a round to determine the amount of water needed for the body. The use of sports drinks containing carbohydrates and electrolytes is most reasonable. According to calculations by experts, each bottle of sports water will provide the body with 200 calories from the sugar contained in the composition of drinking water. Therefore, golfers who are in the process of training to lose weight need to dilute this drink with water to reduce the amount of calories that can cause weight improvement.

After the round

Golfers should be conscious of completely refreshing themselves within 2 hours after the end of the round. Drink carbohydrate-containing beverages to balance your body’s energy, electrolytes to quench thirst more quickly, and have protein to repair and reduce muscle fatigue.

Do we need to drink and not to drink?

Drinks containing 6-8% carbohydrates and electrolytes are good choices for golfers to protect themselves against summer thirst. The perfect cold for these drinks is 10-15 degrees Celsius.

Drinks that stimulate urination or are less likely to retain water, such as those containing coffee and alcohol, should be avoided.

Finally, fruit is also an important supplemental solution for most golfers when playing in the summer heat. Fruit contains natural sugars, vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body. Fruit juices will bring quicker replenishment of energy.

There are still many rounds of golf waiting for us all over the summer. Let’s protect our health with healthy, scientific and reasonable habits to play golf, which not only bring joy and passion but also help us to increase our health and fitness.