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Basic golf technique guide for new golfer (Part 3)

Guide to putting the ball (Putting)

This is the final step to put the ball into the hole, ending a hole. This is a simpler technique than playing with other strokes because by this time the golf ball is already near the hole.

Before putting the ball, you must always turn behind the ball to see what your putter will look like. Turn your face to the right of the pit and look back toward the ball. When putting the ball down from above you will see the ball path you hit more clearly. And when putting the ball from the bottom up you carefully observe the area around the rolling ball. It will give you a complete and thorough view of the putts on an inclined surface.

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Factors for good putting: place the ball on the horizontal line from the edge of the left foot, the rear of the putter is straight against the ground. Slowly bring the club back and put it straight behind the ball, then you put the club gently and lift up so the ball can roll evenly and slowly. Keep the tip of the stick the ground as it runs across the outer edge of the left leg. You should keep your balance and gently hit the ball when in the putting position and roll the ball into the hole.

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To learn the most effective golf, you should study with a golf teacher, then they will edit and analyze for you points that have not been let you advance faster while playing golf to shorten the time to practice and adjust long term fix.

With such a golf guide will partly help readers understand the basics of golf. Golftimes wishes to bring more useful knowledge about golf to readers. Very pleased to have the support of readers. Thank you!

Basic golf technique guide for the new golfer (Part 1)

For new golfers, reading the basic golf technical guidelines is a necessity to take the first steps in practicing this sport. Then you learn the more advanced golfing techniques.

The first is the standing posture and how to hold the golf club

For a good shot we will start with the right club. This may seem simple, but many people still hold the golf club in a forced and improper way. 

First, start by placing the cross-stick on the fingers of your left hand. Your hand should naturally hang around the stick, the thumb and forefinger should form a V shape. The letter V is aligned with the left shoulder, the logo is printed on the stick and the clubface – Your right hand is also set exactly the same way but on the opposite side. Once you’ve finished your grip posture, you should check the following: holding the club naturally, the V held by the two hands should have a pointed point pointing down the handle, when you look down at your left hand, you will see 2 joints of the fingers emerging, your grip just enough force to control the stick.

Holding the club properly will make it easier for you to rotate the clubface perpendicular to the ball and hit the ball correctly.

Usually the new golfers often choose swing with iron number 7. This is the most popular and easy to handle should be often selected to practice golf. After mastering the swing movements will switch to practicing Driver sticks. The most difficult stick in the golf clubs of every golfer.


Familiarize yourself with Swing: 

Golf is a sport that is not only about strength but requires flexibility and ingenuity of the body. So the swing in golf is also quite unique unlike normal sports. You will find that doing the right thing and hitting the ball is not easy. When starting to play you should perform the correct posture and basic techniques. If possible, you should ask a professional instructor professionally from the beginning.

It is possible that during the early days, your body may feel uncomfortable and aching in some muscle groups. However, after regular exercise, your body will adjust gradually and do not feel pain anymore.