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Horse racing is definitely one of the most ancient sport all over the world. Ancient Olympic of Greek ( in 684 A.D) has already had horse racing. Horse racing was a popular sport throughout the Roman Empire.
In East, that calvary rode horses ( in Wartime, 400 years AD) contained a lot of important skills which nowadays are utilized to develop an important type of modern horse racing – ”race with 3, win 2”. Thanks to that long history, it is really difficult to list down all forms of horse racing has existed all around the world.

Britain’s Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, unseen, competes in the Team Dressage section of the Equestrian events at the Summer Olympic Games 1976 at Bromont Equestrian Centre in Quebec, Canada on July 22, 1976. (AP Photo)

The most popular and renowned horse racing form nowadays is British ”flat racing”. On this race, jockeys will carry out the ride on a flat, level surface without at hurdles or obstacles. The flat race tends to be run between 1-3 miles depending on certain events and horse speeds. This type of horse racing is also known as Thoroughbred race, as only thoroughbred horses with clear profiles are allowed.

Now, let forget football as the most lucrative business in sport, as some valuable numbers of horse racing revenue are going to blow your mind. In horse racing (just only thoroughbred horse races are counted), the revenue gained from official races has been evaluated to be around 115 billion USD/year (according to the data recorded 5 years ago). The number has definitely climbed those days. Apart from ticket revenue, there is another entertaining but lucrative field is horse race betting.

Horse race betting has been developed in England and North America since the 18th decade. In different nations, there are distinguished rules and forms of betting, with a national scale. For illusion, the British Horseracing Authority is an organization to give allowance and investigate horse race throughout the whole nation.