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5 things to know for new golfers

Golf is a high-class recreational sport which is becoming increasingly popular and loved by many people. In particular, for many people who want to play golf but do not know how to start, listen to the sharing and advice of experts!

1. Take a golf course

Do not play golf your own way without understanding the subject. If you are new to golf, you should take a basic course for specific instructions about the rules of the game as well as how to play and calculate points. Because golf is a difficult subject to study because of which many terms and techniques are difficult to implement.

Being a professional golf instructor will help you quickly understand the problem and reduce the time to get acquainted with golf. If not, you can also learn and supplement this knowledge through books, Internet,…

2. Don’t skip golf putt

Many people become too focused on Driving Golf, the area where the ball is turned, but the Putt is forgotten. Putt is also known as putting the ball. In the case the ball is in the green, the player often uses this putt technique to put the ball into the hole.

Although this is a basic and seemingly simple golf technique, it requires players to have ingenuity and calm. If you have the perfect golf putt technique, you have a 50% chance of scoring.

3. Focus on how to hold the staff

The hand is the only part that is in contact with the golf club, so it is extremely important to hold the staff properly. According to experts, there are three main ways of holding the staff: cross-holding, overlapping with Vardon and holding like a baseball bat. You can ask an expert to find the most convenient for you.

To get used to the grip, players must practice for at least a few months. Sometimes even long-time players hold the wrong club, causing the ball to go in the wrong direction. Therefore, it is a habit to hold the club even when not hitting the ball.

4. Train in the driving range

The driving range not only facilitates players to push the ball without worrying about picking up, but is also a great area to receive a lot of helpful advice and advice.

There are many golf courses that allow players to play ball in the free driving range so players can practice in this area as a place to reduce stress.

5. Prepare carefully for a golf match

A golf game can last up to 4 hours. Therefore, in addition to the necessary golf equipment, players need to prepare good physical strength and other personal applications such as drinking water, snacks, pens to mark points.


Riviera golf course has been one of the most favorite golf courses for many American golfers. Offering great services, this is always on the top of the ideal golf course list to South California golfers, whether they are already professional or just amateurs.

To help golf lovers define exactly how a golf course looks like without specific knowledge about architecture, Geoff Shackelford –  a famous golf course architect and also renowned golf reviewing journalist for top American golf magazine has pointed out 3 remarkable questions. This can also be a cool suggestion for golf course owners to upgrade their services.

1, Do you want to play on this course every day?

Being born and grown nearby Riviera and having his father be also a long-term member of the Riviera golf course, Shackelford soon had chances to enjoy the atmosphere in there since he was knee-high to grasshopper. Since then, he has realized the fantastic atmosphere Riviera brought along which made him always want to come back there day by day. Every golf course should have its own distinctiveness.

“Do you enjoy playing golf in their day after day? Even if you are an amateur with basic golf skills, is this still a fancy and comfortable feeling to golfing here?” Shackelford shared.

2, After leaving the course, do you still remember all the holes on course?

Remembering detailedly all the holes seems to cause golfers difficulty, however, a golf course that is comfortably designed from the first hole to the 18th one will be a silver bullet for players’ satisfaction.

3. Is this a course where you want to walk your dog?

According to Shackelford, to get a broader view, while not golfing, players should take time to walk around all fairways, tree lines, and ponds to find themselves the most suitable spot for their next fancy plays.