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8 reasons why rich people play Golf

1. Feeling of the good days are still ahead

Very few rich people are in their prime. Luckily for them, golf is a game that requires more sensation and skills than fitness, so people can still achieve good results when playing this subject in their 50s and 60s.

2. Challenges when participating in the game

In golf, a player’s competitive advantage is technology and experience – things that rich people can have. If he could afford to pay for lessons, equipment, and practice for hours on the field, a rich person could outperform a younger inexperienced player.

3. Play safe

Unlike cycling or skiing (other sports that rich people choose to join), the probability of getting hurt while playing golf is extremely low.

4. Players compete with themselves

In Golf, there is no direct opponent that tries to prevent players from doing what they want to do, but players need first efforts to surpass themselves.

5. Occasionally there are great shots

A 60-year-old and no need to be a sports star can still hit a hole-in-one and have achievements to show off to rich friends.

6. Orthodox sport

Rich people are often concerned with quality and orthodox activities – they are less concerned with excellence in unimportant activities. Golf is the sport that is always on the front page of ESPN, sponsored by Rolex, has athletes worth millions of dollars, and is accompanied by major sports brands (Nike, Adidas) and here is a mainstream sport. There are not many other sports options for the rich but orthodox, safe, have values ‚Äč‚Äčthat they can boast, and have the opportunity to excel.

7. Many challenges

Many rich people become rich because they have done the impossible in their careers. Golf, with its swinging options, the risks it has to accept and the results that can be achieved, makes it a game that challenges both physically, physically and emotionally.

8. Convenient in practice

The rich often have a busy schedule, but with golf, they don’t need to have friends to play with, and don’t need to drive to a far place, just look for a workout place near their accommodation or work. You can practice right away, even at the end of a busy working day.