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Tiger Woods ex-girlfriend broke up with her lover for reasons that no one expected

After breaking up with Tiger Woods, the ski beauty found new happiness, but it was not long before she said goodbye.

On December 30, the former ski queen won the Olympic gold and two world championships, Lindsey Vonn confirmed on his personal page the break up with the 4-year-old hockey star P.K. Subban after 3 years of dating. The couple confirmed their love no longer but would still be friends.

The couple broke up but did not reveal the reason: “After a long period of deliberation, we have decided to step on our own path. We will still maintain the friendship and love each other”. On the other hand, Subban gave wishes to ex-girlfriends, both mentality was very positive when breaking up.

Vonn and Subban met at a sporting event in 2017 and quickly fell in love. Both had plans to get married but had to postpone due to the influence of Covid-19. And without waiting for the end of Covid-19, the couple broke up and no marriage will take place.

In 2013, Lindsey Vonn had a famous affair with golf legend, Tiger Woods, they planned to get married, but in 2015, the pair broke up because of many disagreements. Then the press uncovered that the main reason leading to their breakup was the American “wooden tiger” adultery.

On social networks, audiences find out for themselves the reason why Vonn and Subban broke up. Someone claims “happy”, that the mascot of the hockey team where Subban is playing makes the couple apart. In the stands, every time Subban plays bad, the other mascot holds up a sign “Vonn does better than you (Subban)”.

“Joking like that has made our player (Subban) psychologically obsessed or even haunted. Men are never less than women, and if that happens then it’s best”, a meaningful audience write on Twitter.

Mr. Trump plays golf in Florida amid the threat of a government shutdown

President Donald Trump spends time playing golf during his Christmas vacation in Florida, amid the threat of a shutdown of the US government and a bailout of Covid-19’s bailout.

President Trump and his wife flew to the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida from December 23 for a year-end vacation. He did not attend any events on a public schedule, according to the AP.

The bill for the Covid-19 bailout and government spending was moved to Florida on the evening of December 24. If the bill is not passed by the president, millions of Americans will not receive subsidies and the government will be forced to close.

The White House refused to share information about the president’s schedule, although according to the plan, he had a golf session with Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina on December 25. Mr. Graham is the leader’s close ally.

On Twitter, Mr. Trump said there would be short statements addressed to servicemen around the world on Christmas Day. Without giving details, the White House just said that the president would work tirelessly during the holidays, with many meetings and calls.

Before flying to Florida, Mr. Trump suddenly made a last-minute request that the Covid-19 bailout package must provide $ 2,000 per person, much higher than the $ 600 level approved by the bipartisan.

This proposal was quickly rejected by Republicans in the House of Representatives during the extraordinary session of the Christmas break, leaving the bill in paralysis.

The decision to attack the bill has been seen as a presidential punishment for the Republicans. He argued that lawmakers of the same party did not try to help him reverse the election results. Several members of the party, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have recognized the victory of Democratic President-elect Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are trying to save the bill to stop the government shutdown.

Democrats will call on congressmen to return to Washington on December 28 to vote on Trump’s $ 2,000 proposal, though the bill may not pass in the Republican-controlled Senate.

They are also considering voting on a short-term budget package, so that at least it can keep the federal government going until Mr. Biden takes office on Jan 20.

The golf superstar suspected of adultery was positive for Covid-19

After Cristiano Ronaldo got Covid-19, the sports world made a stir when he learned that Dustin Johnson, the world’s No. 1 golfer, also had this virus.

Covid-19 made the world troubled in 2020, now that the pandemic has temporarily subsided, and when the most effective method to destroy the virus has not been found, people choose to live with the epidemic. With sports, tournaments, and events all over the world being played back. Recently, when he returned to the Nations League team, Ronaldo, who currently holds 5 Golden Balls, was stuck with Covid-19.

The 35-year-old immediately left the Portuguese team’s headquarters, quarantined himself and certainly did not attend the UEFA Nations League match against Sweden (1:45, October 15).

At the end of this week, CR7 could not play for Juventus, furthermore the Portuguese player may not be able to recover in time to attend the first round of the Champions League group stage on October 20.

When the news about Ronaldo has not subsided, the American press reported that the current number one golf star, Dustin Johnson, is positive for Covid-19. The 36-year-old golfer has just decided to withdraw from the CJ Cup PGA Tour event at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas this weekend.

“I’m really disappointed. I’m really looking forward to playing this week but can’t. I’ll do everything I can to get back as quickly as possible.” Johnson, who holds 23 wins at the PGA Tour, said.

According to the PGA Tour, Johnson started to show symptoms of suspected Covid-19 infection on Sunday (October 10) and the condition did not go away until Tuesday (October 13), test results later revealed he is positive for the virus.

“I had a few calls with the tournament medical team and appreciated all the support and guidance they gave me,” Johnson appreciated the coordination of the medical staff at CJ Cup 2020.

During his career, Johnson won 26 championships, including 1 Major in the U.S. Open 2016. He has been number 1 in the world since February 19, 2017 up to now. As of October 11, 2020, the 36-year-old American golfer has spent 99 consecutive weeks at the top of the world golf rankings.

According to Celebritynetworth, Johnson made $ 70 million in tournament prize money. If you include the $ 15 million he won when he won the FedEx Cup 2020, Johnson is the third highest-earning golfer of all time after Tiger Woods ($ 120 million) and Phil Mickelson ($ 92 million).

Johnson 1m93 is currently having a happy life with the beautiful Paulina Gretzky, they share 2 lovely angels. In 2014, Joshnson was involved in the scandal “stealing” his colleague’s wife. According to Fox Sports at that time, Alli (wife of Will MacKenzie) had an affair with Dustin Johnson. The case was quieted down, and then Johnson was engaged to the beautiful Paulina Gretzky (who is currently his wife).