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Chinese Golf into FedEx Cup history (Part 2)

“I like golf and get better and better and get the backing of the China Golf Association. People say my career story can inspire the youth golf movement. If that’s right, I will strive harder to be a role model for them”, Zhang said of his personal role in his home golf future.

PGA Tour launched China Series since 2014. This is a stepping stone to enter the second-class arena Korn Ferry Tour, formerly known as Web.com Tour. Thanks to a successful plow in the US third-tier system, Zhang was promoted in season 2015. But near the end of the season, Zhang was banned for six months because he had signed the wrong scoreboard twice and had to return to China Series.

Back at the starting point, he won again and was promoted again for the 2016 season. That year, Zhang was flabbergasted and didn’t have many opportunities, so he went back to the China Series for a second time before resurfacing the Web.com Tour. In his third time in this arena, Zhang hit the full 2017 calendar, finishing 20th on the scoreboard and won a ticket to the PGA Tour. For him, that is a dream.

But in 2018, Zhang did not have enough points to keep his membership card, so he was relegated. He attended 28 events and 16 failed attempts.

“I make elementary mistakes and lose control of my mood. When I don’t hit well, I become angry, and then perform poorly. Moreover, I am too focused on the immediate gain and loss. About Korn Ferry Tour 2019, I am determined to change my mindset and mentality, “Zhang explained himself on his failure as a rookie PGA Tour.

When he was traveling in America, his family was always a strong spiritual support for Zhang. He always thinks about their sacrifices for the pursuit of his golf dream. “Having good results in the awards is the best way to pay back. The understanding and support from my parents helps me feel secure in starting a career,” Zhang said.

As an insider, Zhang realizes that golf offers an opportunity to create a new life for himself and his family. Therefore, he opened a charity program to develop young golf at home. “Golf is a great sport. I am willing to share my life experiences, technical expertise and top-notch arena experiences with young people. Hope more and more young people enjoy it and will stand by. steadfast in pursuing it and my program towards that goal “, Zhang is committed to his personal contribution to the overall development of Chinese golf.