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American golfer Tiger Woods has made $1 billion in income

After 13 years of professional competition, “Super Tiger” is the first sports billionaire in the world, at the same time his life is an extremely memorable stories associated with the golf club.

The Tiger Woods golfer’s life is truly a story full of unforgettable aftertaste. From an unknown man, “Super Tiger” flashed to become a legend of the golf village only after a few years.

Standing at the height of early fame, the American golfer reached a billion-dollar income with his own brand in many areas.

But at this moment, Tiger Wood suddenly became involved in a love scandal and fell hard. Then with extraordinary energy, Woods returned to assert to the world that he was still the greatest name of the golf world.

Starting in 1996, Tiger Woods took just a year to win his first major title, The Masters. In the same year, Tiger Woods ascended to the top of the world rankings, a leap too fast for the young American star.

By 1999, Woods won his second major at the US PGA Championship to begin a 264-week consecutive streak of No. 1 on the world rankings. The 1975-year-born golfer went on to win a major series – starting with the US Open in 2000, then winning the Open Championship, US PGA and Marters 2001. With four of the golf’s biggest titles, Woods entered History as a superstar of the sport.

At the height of his fame, Tiger Woods shocked everyone who loved him with an affair with adultery. The divorce with his wife Elin Nordegren was the culmination of the deep hole Tiger stumbled upon. After that, the American golfer was forced to retire for about 4 months.

Although the property division with his ex-wife cost 110 million dollars, but “Super Tiger” still has enough vitality to live a luxurious life. Forbes magazine once revealed, as of early 2009, the income of the American golfer has reached about 900 million dollars.