Stephen Curry admitted his intention to come to Golf after parting with Basketball

It seems that Stephen Curry’s love for Golf is not easily fading, even the Golden State Warriors star even compares it to basketball.

NBA top defender Stephen Curry is known as an avid golfer. The passion is growing so great that the Golden State Warriors star compares Golf to the NBA Finals.

“I played in the NBA Finals, I attended international tournaments in the US team colors, I played a lot of big basketball games, games that were crucial. But it all doesn’t compare to how nervous I was when I was about to hit my first club, when I stood there with other professional golfers trying to compete for # 1”, Curry admitted.

Obviously in his top basketball career, Stephen Curry has been all too familiar with the pressure from the audience, the opponent or the countdown timer. He played 28 NBA Finals games in his 11-year career, bringing in three championships.

Along with the NBA, Stephen Curry has taken advantage of his time to play golf in recent years. GSW defenders are increasingly passionate about this aristocratic subject. With Curry’s obsession for Golf, many people wonder if the 32-year-old defender would give up basketball to become a professional golfer?

Stephen Curry immediately responded on Bleacher Report: “It will be very difficult when you have to spend a lot of time training to become a professional golfer. I do not know if I should follow that path after the incident or not? But obviously, I won’t refuse if I have the chance! “

In addition to participating in tournaments from semi-professional to charitable tournaments, Stephen Curry also put money into Howard University to reopen its golf club after 50 years of inactivity.

The NBA brought Stephen Curry from fame to money, and at the age of 32 the defender was still able to play a few more peak seasons, before thinking of becoming a professional golfer.