Mr. Trump plays golf in Florida amid the threat of a government shutdown

President Donald Trump spends time playing golf during his Christmas vacation in Florida, amid the threat of a shutdown of the US government and a bailout of Covid-19’s bailout.

President Trump and his wife flew to the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida from December 23 for a year-end vacation. He did not attend any events on a public schedule, according to the AP.

The bill for the Covid-19 bailout and government spending was moved to Florida on the evening of December 24. If the bill is not passed by the president, millions of Americans will not receive subsidies and the government will be forced to close.

The White House refused to share information about the president’s schedule, although according to the plan, he had a golf session with Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina on December 25. Mr. Graham is the leader’s close ally.

On Twitter, Mr. Trump said there would be short statements addressed to servicemen around the world on Christmas Day. Without giving details, the White House just said that the president would work tirelessly during the holidays, with many meetings and calls.

Before flying to Florida, Mr. Trump suddenly made a last-minute request that the Covid-19 bailout package must provide $ 2,000 per person, much higher than the $ 600 level approved by the bipartisan.

This proposal was quickly rejected by Republicans in the House of Representatives during the extraordinary session of the Christmas break, leaving the bill in paralysis.

The decision to attack the bill has been seen as a presidential punishment for the Republicans. He argued that lawmakers of the same party did not try to help him reverse the election results. Several members of the party, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have recognized the victory of Democratic President-elect Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are trying to save the bill to stop the government shutdown.

Democrats will call on congressmen to return to Washington on December 28 to vote on Trump’s $ 2,000 proposal, though the bill may not pass in the Republican-controlled Senate.

They are also considering voting on a short-term budget package, so that at least it can keep the federal government going until Mr. Biden takes office on Jan 20.