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Basic golf technique guide for the new golfer (Part 1)

For new golfers, reading the basic golf technical guidelines is a necessity to take the first steps in practicing this sport. Then you learn the more advanced golfing techniques.

The first is the standing posture and how to hold the golf club

For a good shot we will start with the right club. This may seem simple, but many people still hold the golf club in a forced and improper way. 

First, start by placing the cross-stick on the fingers of your left hand. Your hand should naturally hang around the stick, the thumb and forefinger should form a V shape. The letter V is aligned with the left shoulder, the logo is printed on the stick and the clubface – Your right hand is also set exactly the same way but on the opposite side. Once you’ve finished your grip posture, you should check the following: holding the club naturally, the V held by the two hands should have a pointed point pointing down the handle, when you look down at your left hand, you will see 2 joints of the fingers emerging, your grip just enough force to control the stick.

Holding the club properly will make it easier for you to rotate the clubface perpendicular to the ball and hit the ball correctly.

Usually the new golfers often choose swing with iron number 7. This is the most popular and easy to handle should be often selected to practice golf. After mastering the swing movements will switch to practicing Driver sticks. The most difficult stick in the golf clubs of every golfer.


Familiarize yourself with Swing: 

Golf is a sport that is not only about strength but requires flexibility and ingenuity of the body. So the swing in golf is also quite unique unlike normal sports. You will find that doing the right thing and hitting the ball is not easy. When starting to play you should perform the correct posture and basic techniques. If possible, you should ask a professional instructor professionally from the beginning.

It is possible that during the early days, your body may feel uncomfortable and aching in some muscle groups. However, after regular exercise, your body will adjust gradually and do not feel pain anymore.

The 5 most famous golf players in the world today

In the golf sports industry, no one is unaware of the names of these 5 golf players. Their popularity and success bring them many awards and lucrative advertising deals or projects.

 Let’s construct a golf course to score famous names of the 5 most impressive fairies in the golf village.

Dustin Johnson

Golfer was born in 1984 in America, Dustin Johnson is a professional athlete in the American golf village. At the moment, he is ranked as the world’s No. 1 golfer in the Official World Golf Ranking.

Currently, Dustin Johnson has played for the PGA Tour – this is the golf tournament with the highest prize in the world. At the PGA Tour tournament, Dustin Johnson has always been one of the best 5 golfers in 10 years from 2006 to 2017. Which led 1 time in 2015.

At the international level, Dustin Johnson has also won many important awards such as winning the US Open. US Open or 5 times World Golf Championship.

Jason Day

Jason Day was born in 1987, Australian athlete currently playing at the PGA Tour. The achievements that Jason Day received during his golf playing include:

June 2011 entered the Top 10 in the world golf rankings after winning the second prize at the US Open.

September 2015, Champion of major PGA Championship.

Achieved a record of 20 strokes at another major tournament. Not only that, Jason Day has won the WGC World Golf Championship twice.

Tiger Woods

The list of 5 most famous golfers in the world cannot help but mention Tiger Woods. Golfer born in 1975 is one of the most famous golfers of all time. He has been one of the world’s most profitable athletes for many years.

Ever since high school, he had a successful amateur golf career. By the age of 20, he will move completely to professional golf. Achieving 3 PGA Tour and major Masters 1997 awards. And ranked first in the world golf rankings after less than 1 year of playing professional golf.

Not only that, he has occupied this position for a total of 683 weeks, more than anyone else. Tiger Woods has won a total of 18 major awards.

Henrik Stenson

Henrik Olof Stenson (b. 1976) is a Swedish professional golfer, playing at both the PGA Tour and the European Tour (European tour). He was the first Swede to win a male major. And got a record score of -20 in the Open Championship 2016 (equal to Jason Day in 2015).

Jordan Spieth

America is the cradle that produces many of the youngest and most talented golfers. And Jordan Spieth is also a name that many people mention when he once ranked No. 1 in the Official World Golf Ranking table and has won 3 major awards so far.

Not only that, the golfer born in 1993 also made the list of “100 Most Influential People in the World”. Because in addition to being a world-class golfer, he is also a philanthropist in programs to help disabled children, military families and spread golf more widely.

Things not everyone knows about the oldest golf tournament in history

The Open Championship The “Open Championship” also known as The Open or British Open is the oldest tournament of professional golf. Since when has this tournament been special? Let’s find out in this article!

History of The Open Championship

The first Open Championship took place on October 17, 1860 at Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland, United Kingdom. The tournament is always held in the UK and is the only major outside the US.

The tournament is organized in the form of a links course, which is also a unique feature of this tournament. The yard adjacent to the beach along with severe weather conditions often presents many challenges for golfers.

The first tournament attracted eight professional golfers. The tournament takes place in three rounds of Prestwick’s 12-hole golf course in a single day.

Initially, the prize for the champion of the tournament was Challenge Belt, a belt made of leather with silver buckle.

  1. Competition format

The Open is a 72-hole stroke-play golf tournament that takes place in four days, from Thursday to Sunday. Since 1979 the tournament takes place on the 6th and 3rd of July.

Currently, the tournament has 156 golfers participating, mainly the world’s top professional golfers along with the champions of amateur tournaments. The remaining slots are given to golfers, both amateur and professional, who have a good record of qualifying.

After 36 holes, the organizers will eliminate the golfer so that only 70 leading (including those equal to the achievements of the last in the group) will play the remaining 36 holes at the weekend.

If after 72 holes there is no identification of the champion, the golfer will enter the 4-hole playoff series to calculate the total achievement. In case of a tie, golfers enter the series directly until they find the champion.

 3. Things to know when you come to The Open

Thousands of seats for free

In the golf course, there are thousands of free seats arranged for the audience including green hole 18 and the training ground for the audience to use and enjoy golf. In addition, there are many electronic tables on the field to continuously update the live score.

In addition, the area reserved for spectators also serves food, play areas for children and large screens so the audience does not miss any moment of the competition.

Free tickets for children

This policy aims to inspire golf for successive generations. So The Open allows children to enter the yard for free, helping the whole family can enjoy memorable moments together.

Full service

There are a food and drink area around the golf course with local, healthy foods that give the audience a variety of options.

Here, audiences can also buy The Open’s souvenirs at the stalls. These items will be refunded VAT at the airport.

Interesting things about the oldest golf tournament in the world

Considered the oldest golf tournament in the world, the British Open will take place from 18 to 21 of July in Muirfield, Scotland.

This is the 142nd year, the British Open takes place and is one of the 4 major awards of the year, besides The Masters and the US Open that started earlier and finally the PGA Championship.

Here are some features of the British Open.

Yard length: 7,192 yards

Par: 36-35-71

Number of golfers participating: 156 (149 professional, 7 amateur).

Total prize money: £ 5.25 million (about 7.82 million USD).

Prize money for the golfer: 954,000 pounds (about 1.4 million USD).

2012: Ernie Els passed 6 separate strokes in the final round to achieve a 2-stroke score and win the championship. Of course, Els’ success was also helped by Adam Scott when the Australian golfer lost the advantage of leading four strokes in the last four holes. While Els made a birdie at a distance of 15m in the last hole, Scott closed the third round with 4 bogeys. Els became the sixth golfer to win both the British Open and US Open several times. Others have Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino and Tiger Woods.

Golf course: Muirfield is a private golf course near the sea, located in Gullane, East Lothian, Scotland. This is one of the rotating pitches used for the Open Championship, of which the most recent was in 2002 when Els was the champion.

The Story of Tiger Woods: Tiger Woods has now spent 5 years since the last time he won a major.

House of Legends: Every British Open champion in Muirfield after World War II is named to the House of Legends.

Memorable Facts: The British Open is the only major tournament without a champion in the top 10 in the world for more than 5 years.

Best quote: “For some reason, the greatest golfer usually plays very well there.” – Lee Trevino talked about Muirfield.

5 things to know for new golfers

Golf is a high-class recreational sport which is becoming increasingly popular and loved by many people. In particular, for many people who want to play golf but do not know how to start, listen to the sharing and advice of experts!

1. Take a golf course

Do not play golf your own way without understanding the subject. If you are new to golf, you should take a basic course for specific instructions about the rules of the game as well as how to play and calculate points. Because golf is a difficult subject to study because of which many terms and techniques are difficult to implement.

Being a professional golf instructor will help you quickly understand the problem and reduce the time to get acquainted with golf. If not, you can also learn and supplement this knowledge through books, Internet,…

2. Don’t skip golf putt

Many people become too focused on Driving Golf, the area where the ball is turned, but the Putt is forgotten. Putt is also known as putting the ball. In the case the ball is in the green, the player often uses this putt technique to put the ball into the hole.

Although this is a basic and seemingly simple golf technique, it requires players to have ingenuity and calm. If you have the perfect golf putt technique, you have a 50% chance of scoring.

3. Focus on how to hold the staff

The hand is the only part that is in contact with the golf club, so it is extremely important to hold the staff properly. According to experts, there are three main ways of holding the staff: cross-holding, overlapping with Vardon and holding like a baseball bat. You can ask an expert to find the most convenient for you.

To get used to the grip, players must practice for at least a few months. Sometimes even long-time players hold the wrong club, causing the ball to go in the wrong direction. Therefore, it is a habit to hold the club even when not hitting the ball.

4. Train in the driving range

The driving range not only facilitates players to push the ball without worrying about picking up, but is also a great area to receive a lot of helpful advice and advice.

There are many golf courses that allow players to play ball in the free driving range so players can practice in this area as a place to reduce stress.

5. Prepare carefully for a golf match

A golf game can last up to 4 hours. Therefore, in addition to the necessary golf equipment, players need to prepare good physical strength and other personal applications such as drinking water, snacks, pens to mark points.

8 reasons why rich people play Golf

1. Feeling of the good days are still ahead

Very few rich people are in their prime. Luckily for them, golf is a game that requires more sensation and skills than fitness, so people can still achieve good results when playing this subject in their 50s and 60s.

2. Challenges when participating in the game

In golf, a player’s competitive advantage is technology and experience – things that rich people can have. If he could afford to pay for lessons, equipment, and practice for hours on the field, a rich person could outperform a younger inexperienced player.

3. Play safe

Unlike cycling or skiing (other sports that rich people choose to join), the probability of getting hurt while playing golf is extremely low.

4. Players compete with themselves

In Golf, there is no direct opponent that tries to prevent players from doing what they want to do, but players need first efforts to surpass themselves.

5. Occasionally there are great shots

A 60-year-old and no need to be a sports star can still hit a hole-in-one and have achievements to show off to rich friends.

6. Orthodox sport

Rich people are often concerned with quality and orthodox activities – they are less concerned with excellence in unimportant activities. Golf is the sport that is always on the front page of ESPN, sponsored by Rolex, has athletes worth millions of dollars, and is accompanied by major sports brands (Nike, Adidas) and here is a mainstream sport. There are not many other sports options for the rich but orthodox, safe, have values ​​that they can boast, and have the opportunity to excel.

7. Many challenges

Many rich people become rich because they have done the impossible in their careers. Golf, with its swinging options, the risks it has to accept and the results that can be achieved, makes it a game that challenges both physically, physically and emotionally.

8. Convenient in practice

The rich often have a busy schedule, but with golf, they don’t need to have friends to play with, and don’t need to drive to a far place, just look for a workout place near their accommodation or work. You can practice right away, even at the end of a busy working day.


With some tips and crucial changes to ensure the safety of players, golf now still takes place. Below are some interesting tips and methods for golf lovers for enjoying fantastic golf rounds with their friends and homies. 

Many professional rounds are canceled, why is playing golf still under safety? 

A professional golf tournament has an average number of around 25 million spectators and at least 1 million assistant staff, social media staff as well as golfers. This scale is totally different from your local golf rounds’ one. 

Golf is a form of entertaining pastime which is easy to play and bears a striking resemblance with a long stride. Especially, distinguished from other sports such as basketball, soccer, .. you can still enjoy golfing without directly touching with other players. Therefore, golfers can keep safe space between each other. Apart from that, the whole area of a golf pitch is often large. 

How to play golf safely?

Golfers need to keep themselves safe as well as raise awareness about public health by following those below notes strictly: 

The important key to being safe is to keep a distance of at least 2m with other players. Golfers should avoid direct touches in 1 gimme. They also need to retain themselves from having face-to-face conversations with others during the intervals on a tee. 

Remember to clean your hands with soaps during and after golf time. This is a simple but really effective way to kill the virus before its spreading. 

Change the habit of driving electrical motors, instead, golfers should take their own walk and bring the equipment by themselves. And if you are the one who likes assistance from a caddie, it may not be a good choice for those days. The virus can move from surfaces of different things and penetrate into your bodies without your caution. 

Shaking hands after finishing rounds are what should be adopted during this time. Golfers can replace traditional handshakes by elbow touches, or even shoes touch… 


Horse racing is definitely one of the most ancient sport all over the world. Ancient Olympic of Greek ( in 684 A.D) has already had horse racing. Horse racing was a popular sport throughout the Roman Empire.
In East, that calvary rode horses ( in Wartime, 400 years AD) contained a lot of important skills which nowadays are utilized to develop an important type of modern horse racing – ”race with 3, win 2”. Thanks to that long history, it is really difficult to list down all forms of horse racing has existed all around the world.

Britain’s Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, unseen, competes in the Team Dressage section of the Equestrian events at the Summer Olympic Games 1976 at Bromont Equestrian Centre in Quebec, Canada on July 22, 1976. (AP Photo)

The most popular and renowned horse racing form nowadays is British ”flat racing”. On this race, jockeys will carry out the ride on a flat, level surface without at hurdles or obstacles. The flat race tends to be run between 1-3 miles depending on certain events and horse speeds. This type of horse racing is also known as Thoroughbred race, as only thoroughbred horses with clear profiles are allowed.

Now, let forget football as the most lucrative business in sport, as some valuable numbers of horse racing revenue are going to blow your mind. In horse racing (just only thoroughbred horse races are counted), the revenue gained from official races has been evaluated to be around 115 billion USD/year (according to the data recorded 5 years ago). The number has definitely climbed those days. Apart from ticket revenue, there is another entertaining but lucrative field is horse race betting.

Horse race betting has been developed in England and North America since the 18th decade. In different nations, there are distinguished rules and forms of betting, with a national scale. For illusion, the British Horseracing Authority is an organization to give allowance and investigate horse race throughout the whole nation.


Riviera golf course has been one of the most favorite golf courses for many American golfers. Offering great services, this is always on the top of the ideal golf course list to South California golfers, whether they are already professional or just amateurs.

To help golf lovers define exactly how a golf course looks like without specific knowledge about architecture, Geoff Shackelford –  a famous golf course architect and also renowned golf reviewing journalist for top American golf magazine has pointed out 3 remarkable questions. This can also be a cool suggestion for golf course owners to upgrade their services.

1, Do you want to play on this course every day?

Being born and grown nearby Riviera and having his father be also a long-term member of the Riviera golf course, Shackelford soon had chances to enjoy the atmosphere in there since he was knee-high to grasshopper. Since then, he has realized the fantastic atmosphere Riviera brought along which made him always want to come back there day by day. Every golf course should have its own distinctiveness.

“Do you enjoy playing golf in their day after day? Even if you are an amateur with basic golf skills, is this still a fancy and comfortable feeling to golfing here?” Shackelford shared.

2, After leaving the course, do you still remember all the holes on course?

Remembering detailedly all the holes seems to cause golfers difficulty, however, a golf course that is comfortably designed from the first hole to the 18th one will be a silver bullet for players’ satisfaction.

3. Is this a course where you want to walk your dog?

According to Shackelford, to get a broader view, while not golfing, players should take time to walk around all fairways, tree lines, and ponds to find themselves the most suitable spot for their next fancy plays.


PGA Tour 2019 – 2020 has come back, started off by Honda Classic 2020 Tournament. At this tournament, spectators have the chance to witness satisfying and tense golf plays being held in the Champion course of PGA National, especially the most well-known three-hole stretches. 

This is what the trio of a water-laden 179-yard par 3, followed by a water-laden 434-yard par 4, followed by a (wait for it) water-laden 190-yard par 3 called. These three-hole stretches are also known as ”the bear trap”, which is treacherous to every golfer involving in. Jack Nicklaus – the one and only hold Honda Classic title, has laid a claim that: “ The Bear Trap decides whether golfers win or lose”. 

To clear Nicklaus’s claim, let the championship of Adam Scott in 2016 be an illustration. In 2016, this British golfer won the title even though he failed regrettably quadruple bogey in hole 15 of round 3, as other opponents all got into trouble of The Bear Trap.

So, how difficult are these three-hole stretches? Let find out through some fascinating facts about The Bear Trap (since 2017 when the tournaments belonged to PGA National):

  • Among all courses which do not hold major tournaments, The Bear Trap is the third-toughest three-hole stretches of PGA Tour, which average score over par is 0.644. It is just only easier than Quail Hollow’s 16-17-18 and Pebble Beach’s 8-9-10.
  • There are 543 different golfers who have played in at least one round of Honda Classic since 2007, 76% of them (415 golfers) at least once failed to The Bear Trap.
  • Michael Thompson, Honda Classic 2013 champion, is the one who set the record of not hitting the ball into water in The Bear Trap during most rounds (28 rounds), secondly Jim Furyk (14 rounds) and Bud Cauley (13 rounds).