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Why is golf attractive to football players?

In the 50s and 60s of the last century, the football world saw great golfers such as English players like Bob Paisley, Alf Ramsey, then the legend of “Flying Holland”, Johan Cruff and many famous European player at the time.

However, in 1966, the new golf sport really brought a turning point in football circles. Two days before the World Cup semi-final between England and Portugal, instead of banning camps to focus on training, then England coach Alf Ramsey decided to take his students to Finchley Golf Club. in north London playing golf to relax.

Immediately, the media of the Mist made waves, a series of offensive articles aimed at Alf Ramsey to attack this unique way of holding troops.

But after that, the “Three Lions” won against the Portuguese with a score of 2-1 and subdued Germany in the final to first bring England to the top of the world. As a result, the attitude of the media and the ball managers has changed dramatically, at which time the football management saw the golf sport with a more respectful eye.

Golf started to boom and became the leading popular sport among football players as well as football managers. Golf culture has been formed in the soccer sphere village since then.

Today, the English Premier League is a tournament that gathers more golf players and enthusiasts than any tournament. Golf courses in the UK are filled with golfers of the nationalist shorts of many nationalities playing in the Premier League.

Although there are many players in other European countries’ championships such as France, Italy and the Netherlands who play golf regularly, when they come to England to play football, they are quickly attracted more strongly by the golf culture of the Mist Country.

Player Andriy Shevchenko, after moving to Chelsea from AC Milan, soon found a new joy with golf after hours of practice and competition. The Ukrainian striker also bought houses and membership cards at the Wentworth Golf Club. At the same time, this striker also owns a membership card of Wisley Golf Club, the most famous golf club in London.

After retiring from football in 2012, Andriy Shevchenko immediately focused on golf. In 2013, he announced that he would switch to professional competitions, competing at the Challenge Tour system (second place of European Tour). Shevchenko’s handicap is +2, the best among foreign players who have played in England.


Meanwhile, Fabio Capello’s office during the “Three Lions” coach also had a putting green (putting green) system to satisfy golf addiction. Therefore, at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, only England was coached to discharge camp to play golf.

And the new Manchester United coach, Jose Mourinho, although not playing golf but during his time working in England, he also gave golf a special affection. But he agreed immediately when he was invited to be the Ambassador of the Ryder Cup 2018, the world’s most prestigious team cup tournament, held for the first time in his native Portugal.

The British press also revealed interesting information, while leading Chelsea, in late 2015, Mourinho is said to have met the world’s No. 1 golfer at the time, Jordan Spieth, offering a £ 50 million contract. in order to persuade the American golfer to quit golf to switch to playing at Stamford Bridge. Of course, everyone knows, Mourinho is the only person who communicates the request of the Russian boss, Chelsea club president, Roman Abramovich.


With some tips and crucial changes to ensure the safety of players, golf now still takes place. Below are some interesting tips and methods for golf lovers for enjoying fantastic golf rounds with their friends and homies. 

Many professional rounds are canceled, why is playing golf still under safety? 

A professional golf tournament has an average number of around 25 million spectators and at least 1 million assistant staff, social media staff as well as golfers. This scale is totally different from your local golf rounds’ one. 

Golf is a form of entertaining pastime which is easy to play and bears a striking resemblance with a long stride. Especially, distinguished from other sports such as basketball, soccer, .. you can still enjoy golfing without directly touching with other players. Therefore, golfers can keep safe space between each other. Apart from that, the whole area of a golf pitch is often large. 

How to play golf safely?

Golfers need to keep themselves safe as well as raise awareness about public health by following those below notes strictly: 

The important key to being safe is to keep a distance of at least 2m with other players. Golfers should avoid direct touches in 1 gimme. They also need to retain themselves from having face-to-face conversations with others during the intervals on a tee. 

Remember to clean your hands with soaps during and after golf time. This is a simple but really effective way to kill the virus before its spreading. 

Change the habit of driving electrical motors, instead, golfers should take their own walk and bring the equipment by themselves. And if you are the one who likes assistance from a caddie, it may not be a good choice for those days. The virus can move from surfaces of different things and penetrate into your bodies without your caution. 

Shaking hands after finishing rounds are what should be adopted during this time. Golfers can replace traditional handshakes by elbow touches, or even shoes touch… 


Horse racing is definitely one of the most ancient sport all over the world. Ancient Olympic of Greek ( in 684 A.D) has already had horse racing. Horse racing was a popular sport throughout the Roman Empire.
In East, that calvary rode horses ( in Wartime, 400 years AD) contained a lot of important skills which nowadays are utilized to develop an important type of modern horse racing – ”race with 3, win 2”. Thanks to that long history, it is really difficult to list down all forms of horse racing has existed all around the world.

Britain’s Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, unseen, competes in the Team Dressage section of the Equestrian events at the Summer Olympic Games 1976 at Bromont Equestrian Centre in Quebec, Canada on July 22, 1976. (AP Photo)

The most popular and renowned horse racing form nowadays is British ”flat racing”. On this race, jockeys will carry out the ride on a flat, level surface without at hurdles or obstacles. The flat race tends to be run between 1-3 miles depending on certain events and horse speeds. This type of horse racing is also known as Thoroughbred race, as only thoroughbred horses with clear profiles are allowed.

Now, let forget football as the most lucrative business in sport, as some valuable numbers of horse racing revenue are going to blow your mind. In horse racing (just only thoroughbred horse races are counted), the revenue gained from official races has been evaluated to be around 115 billion USD/year (according to the data recorded 5 years ago). The number has definitely climbed those days. Apart from ticket revenue, there is another entertaining but lucrative field is horse race betting.

Horse race betting has been developed in England and North America since the 18th decade. In different nations, there are distinguished rules and forms of betting, with a national scale. For illusion, the British Horseracing Authority is an organization to give allowance and investigate horse race throughout the whole nation.


Riviera golf course has been one of the most favorite golf courses for many American golfers. Offering great services, this is always on the top of the ideal golf course list to South California golfers, whether they are already professional or just amateurs.

To help golf lovers define exactly how a golf course looks like without specific knowledge about architecture, Geoff Shackelford –  a famous golf course architect and also renowned golf reviewing journalist for top American golf magazine has pointed out 3 remarkable questions. This can also be a cool suggestion for golf course owners to upgrade their services.

1, Do you want to play on this course every day?

Being born and grown nearby Riviera and having his father be also a long-term member of the Riviera golf course, Shackelford soon had chances to enjoy the atmosphere in there since he was knee-high to grasshopper. Since then, he has realized the fantastic atmosphere Riviera brought along which made him always want to come back there day by day. Every golf course should have its own distinctiveness.

“Do you enjoy playing golf in their day after day? Even if you are an amateur with basic golf skills, is this still a fancy and comfortable feeling to golfing here?” Shackelford shared.

2, After leaving the course, do you still remember all the holes on course?

Remembering detailedly all the holes seems to cause golfers difficulty, however, a golf course that is comfortably designed from the first hole to the 18th one will be a silver bullet for players’ satisfaction.

3. Is this a course where you want to walk your dog?

According to Shackelford, to get a broader view, while not golfing, players should take time to walk around all fairways, tree lines, and ponds to find themselves the most suitable spot for their next fancy plays.


PGA Tour 2019 – 2020 has come back, started off by Honda Classic 2020 Tournament. At this tournament, spectators have the chance to witness satisfying and tense golf plays being held in the Champion course of PGA National, especially the most well-known three-hole stretches. 

This is what the trio of a water-laden 179-yard par 3, followed by a water-laden 434-yard par 4, followed by a (wait for it) water-laden 190-yard par 3 called. These three-hole stretches are also known as ”the bear trap”, which is treacherous to every golfer involving in. Jack Nicklaus – the one and only hold Honda Classic title, has laid a claim that: “ The Bear Trap decides whether golfers win or lose”. 

To clear Nicklaus’s claim, let the championship of Adam Scott in 2016 be an illustration. In 2016, this British golfer won the title even though he failed regrettably quadruple bogey in hole 15 of round 3, as other opponents all got into trouble of The Bear Trap.

So, how difficult are these three-hole stretches? Let find out through some fascinating facts about The Bear Trap (since 2017 when the tournaments belonged to PGA National):

  • Among all courses which do not hold major tournaments, The Bear Trap is the third-toughest three-hole stretches of PGA Tour, which average score over par is 0.644. It is just only easier than Quail Hollow’s 16-17-18 and Pebble Beach’s 8-9-10.
  • There are 543 different golfers who have played in at least one round of Honda Classic since 2007, 76% of them (415 golfers) at least once failed to The Bear Trap.
  • Michael Thompson, Honda Classic 2013 champion, is the one who set the record of not hitting the ball into water in The Bear Trap during most rounds (28 rounds), secondly Jim Furyk (14 rounds) and Bud Cauley (13 rounds).