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Tiger Woods was abandoned by his wife after having an affair with Uchitel

The legend of golf had to break up with his wife after cheating with the nightclub boss.

Tiger Woods, 44 years old, American is a famous golf legend worldwide. Tiger Woods has spent a total of 15 Majors and has held the number 1 spot in the world for many years. Without the bad habits, the career of an American golfer would be even greater.

Woods has a sex addiction, according to newspapers in the US, 44-year-old golfer has had relationships outside the stream with hundreds of different beauties. Once married in 2004, however, in 2010, Woods became a single golfer when his scandal clumsy was discovered by his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren.

One of the reasons Woods had to say goodbye to his ex-wife was when he was discovered going back and forth with Rachel Uchitel, a nightclub owner in America. Most recently, Uchitel, 45, said he would detail his love story with Woods in HBO’s documentary Tiger, which will be broadcast in mid-December.

According to the HBO press release, Uchitel has just ended a marriage and the woman thinks this is the right time to tell secrets while she is still passionate with Woods.

Speaking to Heather McDonald on the podcast, the woman revealed: “I feel that people have seen me as cheap for the past 10 years, and I think it’s time to tell the truth, to vindicate myself. I was stuck in my life after I had a relationship with Tiger Woods”.

“Tiger got out of trouble with his form, trophies on the golf course. But the women often don’t get such a chance, not just with him (Woods) but with any scandals, and that. And I just felt I needed a voice in the end. I endured 10 years and now I’m going to tell the truth”, Uchitel closed.

In fact, Woods had to suffer great consequences after the affair, because Elin Nordegren, the beautiful wife, abandoned Tiger Woods as soon as he heard the news.

Currently, Woods is living with his girlfriend Erica Herman, this is a girl who does not really stand out, but it is the person that Tiger Woods is very grateful for because this woman pulled him out of the bog to get back to normal life and continue playing golf. 

HOT sports news November 19: Djokovic denounces ATP’s unfair treatment

The number 1 player in the world, Novak Djokovic has just revealed the unfair treatment of the Professional Tennis Association (ATP) in recent years.

Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic recently confirmed that he has been unfairly treated by ATP during the past time. Djokovic has criticized ATP in the latest tension between the association and the organization he just founded PTPA with.

The Serbian player spoke up when he was treated unfairly by the ATP

Previously, Djokovic and his colleague Vasek Pospisil were forced to leave the ATP Players’ Council in August after voluntarily founding the PTPA. Djokovic and Pospisil then reappeared on the list of candidates to be elected to the new board of the ATP. However, the number 1 player in the world has revealed that ATP is doing everything, even creating new rules to ban his return to the association.

Losing to Medvedev, Djokovic explained the reason

The number 1 player in the world has shared after losing to Medvedev in the second round of ATP Finals, after only 2 sets with the same score of 3-6. “To be honest, I didn’t feel good in this game, especially at the end of set 1 and at the beginning of set 2. I lost my rank, my form and my stamina in this match,” said Nole. Difficulty regaining the pace of play And against a great opponent like Medvedev, that is enough to make you lose the game.

I shouldn’t have allowed those mistakes to happen against a top player in the world like Daniil. He played a lot better than me. Good serve, great moves, less misses. I didn’t play well, but he won it all.

For the 6th time winning No. 1 ATP, Djokovic is congratulated by Murray

Not long ago, Novak Djokovic received the trophy for the player to hold the number 1 ATP rankings in 2020. Nole also officially balanced the record of 6 “peaks” of legendary Pete Sampras (from 1993 to 1998, Djokovic ascended the throne in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2020).

Murray praised Djokovic’s 6-time ATP conquest

In an online exchange on Twitter, Andy Murray also congratulated his opponent for this great victory: “It is an incredible achievement but extremely worthy of Djokovic, who has always maintained a high level from Year after year. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did it again”.

“Boxing boss” reveals childhood friendship with Chelsea coach

Recently, famous boxing boss Eddie Hearn has invited Chelsea head coach Frank Lampard as a guest for his radio program No Passion No Point. Also in the program, Eddie Hearn revealed that the two had known each other since childhood, both from Essex (London) and attending the same Brentwood School.

“Nice to see you becoming a famous footballer, which no one expected when we were in school. I still remember that day he was taken to the football field every afternoon by his father,” Eddie Hearn said.

HOT sports news November 14: Murray respects the records of Federer and Nadal

Andy Murray, the former world number one player, recently admitted Federer and Nadal’s record of Grand Slam titles was unprecedented.

Murray respects the records of Federer and Nadal

British tennis player Andy Murray has confirmed that he admires what Federer or Nadal has done in his career. Although he had time to overcome this duo to dominate the ATP chart, Murray still admits he believes no one will reach the top like Federer and Nadal.

Andy Murray was once a counterpart to Federer or Nadal

“For me, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal’s Grand Slam record is unprecedented. I know how difficult it is to win 20 titles. I can’t believe one day that record was broken by anyone. It is hard to believe when the duo are still playing and threatening to break their own records “- Murray shared.

Tiger Woods suddenly lost his form

On the second day of competition at The Masters 2020, Tiger Woods suddenly lost his form compared to the previous day. Although still having 2 “birdie” points, the American golfer also got 2 “bogey” points and was forced to stop playing after the 10th hole. Thus, Tiger Woods’ achievement is still -4 after 2 days of playing. 5 strokes more than the top group.

“Huge” 2m26 wants to stick with the Boston Celtic for life

Tacko Fall, the highest basketball player in the American Professional Basketball (NBA) tournament, has just revealed his intention to stick with the Boston Celtics Club for life. “I said it many times. If I could, I would play until I retire for the Boston Celtic. The team trusted me and gave me opportunities. That’s what touched me.” However, whether Tacko Fall can stay or not depends on the Boston Celtics leadership because the player is still playing mainly in the second team.

The “new” Khabib continues to provoke Adesanya

Khamzat Chimaev, the puncher dubbed the “new Khabib” of the UFC floor, will be on stage with Leon Edwards in December. However, the Russian-born puncher repeatedly provoked middleweight champion (77 to 84 kg), Israel Adesanya. Most recently, Chimaev posted his winning video with a reminder “Want to fly, Adesanya?”.

Legendary news Djokovic will level the record of Federer

Greg Rusedski, former UK No. 1 tennis player and ranked 4th ATP, believes Novak Djokovic is capable of leveling the ATP Finals championship record of great rival Roger Federer.

Currently, Nole has been crowned 5 times in the tournament for the top 8 male players in the world, equal to the achievements of Ivan Lendl, Pete Sampras and 1 championship behind Federer. Season 2020, ATP Finals takes place in London (UK) from November 15 to November 22.

The beauty was refused to kiss by the golf superstar

The beauty Jena Sims shared about the humiliating time when she was about to give her husband a kiss and was overwhelmed when she met Tiger Woods.

Jena Sims, a 31-year-old American actress and model, was humiliated by former world No. 1 Brooks Koepka on the PGA Championship, which ended on May 19, 2019. After completing the first shot, in the final of the PGA tournament, Brooks Koepka was approached by Jena Sims to kiss, but the golfer refused, which made the beauty extremely shy.

Surprisingly, because Jana is Brooks’ girlfriend, she wants to go ahead and kiss her boyfriend lucky, but the world’s No. 1 golfer does not want that. Falling into an ironic situation, the 31-year-old model and actress walked away with her face still red.

Knowing that his girlfriend was “disadvantaged”, after winning the trophy worth 1.98 million USD, Brooks Koepka went to a beautiful girlfriend and compensated a passionate kiss. Jena Sims and Brooks Koepka are the most uncle couple in the golf world. Jena is a famous model and excellent American actress, and Brooks is currently the number 8 golfer in the world.

Recently, the 31-year-old girl once again shared this story with the press. in terms of artifacts and spirit.

Sims, 31, recently also became the topic of discussion among social media users, because she had an amazed expression when standing near golf legend Tiger Woods.

She seemed overwhelmed when she met Woods, the actress and model said: “If you stood next to Tiger, wouldn’t you look at him the same way?”.

Koepka’s boyfriend considers this feeling normal for Jena Sims, so he said: “I’m not jealous of this photo, it’s normal to meet an idol”.

It is known that the couple Koepka and Sims have been in love for 3 years, they are looking towards marriage.

The golf superstar suspected of adultery was positive for Covid-19

After Cristiano Ronaldo got Covid-19, the sports world made a stir when he learned that Dustin Johnson, the world’s No. 1 golfer, also had this virus.

Covid-19 made the world troubled in 2020, now that the pandemic has temporarily subsided, and when the most effective method to destroy the virus has not been found, people choose to live with the epidemic. With sports, tournaments, and events all over the world being played back. Recently, when he returned to the Nations League team, Ronaldo, who currently holds 5 Golden Balls, was stuck with Covid-19.

The 35-year-old immediately left the Portuguese team’s headquarters, quarantined himself and certainly did not attend the UEFA Nations League match against Sweden (1:45, October 15).

At the end of this week, CR7 could not play for Juventus, furthermore the Portuguese player may not be able to recover in time to attend the first round of the Champions League group stage on October 20.

When the news about Ronaldo has not subsided, the American press reported that the current number one golf star, Dustin Johnson, is positive for Covid-19. The 36-year-old golfer has just decided to withdraw from the CJ Cup PGA Tour event at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas this weekend.

“I’m really disappointed. I’m really looking forward to playing this week but can’t. I’ll do everything I can to get back as quickly as possible.” Johnson, who holds 23 wins at the PGA Tour, said.

According to the PGA Tour, Johnson started to show symptoms of suspected Covid-19 infection on Sunday (October 10) and the condition did not go away until Tuesday (October 13), test results later revealed he is positive for the virus.

“I had a few calls with the tournament medical team and appreciated all the support and guidance they gave me,” Johnson appreciated the coordination of the medical staff at CJ Cup 2020.

During his career, Johnson won 26 championships, including 1 Major in the U.S. Open 2016. He has been number 1 in the world since February 19, 2017 up to now. As of October 11, 2020, the 36-year-old American golfer has spent 99 consecutive weeks at the top of the world golf rankings.

According to Celebritynetworth, Johnson made $ 70 million in tournament prize money. If you include the $ 15 million he won when he won the FedEx Cup 2020, Johnson is the third highest-earning golfer of all time after Tiger Woods ($ 120 million) and Phil Mickelson ($ 92 million).

Johnson 1m93 is currently having a happy life with the beautiful Paulina Gretzky, they share 2 lovely angels. In 2014, Joshnson was involved in the scandal “stealing” his colleague’s wife. According to Fox Sports at that time, Alli (wife of Will MacKenzie) had an affair with Dustin Johnson. The case was quieted down, and then Johnson was engaged to the beautiful Paulina Gretzky (who is currently his wife).

Djokovic will surpass Nadal & Federer in this special record by the end of 2020

Overcoming Nadal and Federer, Djokovic heads for an unprecedented record in history.

In the last Roland Garros final, Novak Djokovic failed completely after 3 sets against rival Rafael Nadal. The above result caused Nole to increase the gap above 3 Grand Slam (17 and 20).

However, on the ATP rankings, the Serbian player still holds the number 1 position in the world with 11,740 points, 1890 points more than the person behind Rafael Nadal.

Recently, Djokovic said he would drop the Paris Masters award-winning prize in early November to attend the Vienna Open in Austria under the ATP Tour 500. This is Nole’s global plan to maintain the No. 1 position in the year 2020.

With the goal of winning 500 more points here, Djokovic will drop the Paris Masters of the ATP Masters 1000. This can be considered as the correct choice in ATP’s temporary scoring system for 2019 and 2020 due to the impact of Covid-19.

As the current current Paris Masters champion, Djokovic won’t earn any extra points if he participates in this tournament. So at the same time he chose to return to Vienna, where the Serbian star has not played in the past 13 years.

In the event of the end of 2020 at No. 1, Djokovic will become the first player after Pete Sampras to hold the top of the ATP group in his six years, something that even Federer and Nadal have not done yet (2 This superstar has only achieved achievements in 5 years).

Beginning in 2020, Djokovic made a very favorable step when he won his eighth title at the Australian Open and was also the 17th Grand Slam. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the 33-year-old player also won another title in Dubai. However, the defeat at the US Open as well as the failure at Roland Garros greatly affected Djokovic’s overall performance.

In the Schweizer Illustrierte interview, the Swiss player has not confirmed he will attend his first Grand Slam next season: “I am on the right track, I am not under pressure. I will only decide when I return to tournaments. if I hit 100% stamina It looks like I might be back for the 2021 Australian Open, though that is not fully confirmed yet.

I am currently training for resistance and the truth is I no longer feel knee pain. I will have to see how the recovery plays out in the coming weeks”, the 39-year-old closed.

Two golfers together lead the Women’s PGA Championship (Part 2)

One stick behind Lincicome and Tan is the T3 of Cydney Clanton, Danielle Kang, former world number one Lydia Ko, Linnea Strom, Carlota Ciganda and Gaby Lopez.

Strom’s Swedish compatriots, Anna Nordqvist and Pernilla Lindberg, are standing T9 (-1), next to Matilda Castren and Yang Amy.

In the T3 group, Ciganda and Lopez were positive for nCoV. Lopez became infected before the LPGA Tour rematched in late July and Ciganda was discovered in June. Lopez showed mild symptoms, only dry throat and fatigue for a few days while Ciganda was positive for five consecutive weeks. Both own two LPGA Tour titles.

The defending champion Hannah Green scored a catastrophic score when he started defending the title. She hit 79 strokes, of which five bogeys, two double bogeys. Last year, Green won at -9 at Hazeltine, par72, earning $ 577,500.

Aronmink is a par70 golf course, 6,577 yards long – the professional women’s golf standard with a green speed of 11.5 for this week’s major event. But in the opening round, the organizers reduced the pitch by 38 yards by pushing the teeing ground closer to the green across all 18 holes. With wind speeds ranging from 16 to 24 km / h almost all day, this stage recorded 132 players playing, but only 12 players “under par” in which Lincicome and Tan reached the peak of -3.

Kang belongs to group -2. After the round, she received the pit position distribution board from the organizers at 9 o’clock and mulled it over to plan the next day’s fighting strategy. “I checked each position of the flag, applied the forecast of wind speed and visualized the tactical possibilities. For hole 8, par3, I hit my imagination seven times and considered using a hybrid club feature. wood – iron for the next round. With this club, if the wind is strong, I still hit 176 yards. Today, I use the number 4 iron, “Kang said on Golf Digest.

The 8-hole teeing ground is high so golfers are caught up in the wind and find it difficult to choose clubs to bring the ball to the green below. Kang birdie hole 8 first round. She won this major event at -13 in 2017. At that time, the tournament was held at Olympia Fields Stadium, par71.

Two golfers together lead the Women’s PGA Championship (Part 1)

The opening round on October 8 recorded Brittany Lincicome and Kelly Tan sharing the top score with a score of -3 at the major women’s event in Pennsylvania.

On Aronimink par 70, Lincicome played an average of 282 yards, hit nine in 14 fairways, went to standard green (GIR) in 17 out of 18 holes and used a total of 32 shots. In the entire round of 67 strokes, she scored four birdies, one bogey and 13 par points.

Tan averaged just 227 yards on his header, hit the fairway equivalent of Lincicome, and scored a GIR 15 out of 18 holes for a total of 30 putts. From start to finish, she scored five birdies, two bogeys and kept par 11 holes.

Lincicome has twice won major ANA Inspiration in eight LPGA Tour titles. Her most recent title was at the 2018 LPGA Classic in the Bahamas. Last July, Lincicome gave birth at the age of 34 and had to stop fighting until the end of the year. She returned to play and finished T18 in the Tournament of Champions earlier this year, but then went on a reluctant translation vacation. And when the American arena reopened, Lincicome passed seven leagues but never finished higher than T45.

“Since the birth of my daughter Emery, I have been hanging sticks for quite a while for my family and Covid-19. Then in the new calendar, every week I have been in a position to try to cut it out. eight times the LPGA Tour champion, “Lincicome once said during a down season.

And Tan has yet to finish higher than 30, like in the US Women’s Open’s 2016 in previous majors. The 26-year-old Malaysian Golfer is also looking for his first title at the LPGA Tour. Even so, she is still optimistic about the win in Pennsylvania, as eight of the recent nine major champions have all made their first place on the podium.

Hot news: PGA Tour star is sued

Tony Finau was sued by his former partner, demanding more than $ 16 million in compensation.

The person suing Finau is Molonai Hola, 55, owner of Icon Sports. According to a report in a district court in Salt Lake City, Utah, Hola knew the defendant’s family in the early 90s, when Finau and her brother Gipper were in elementary school.

Since then, Hola began funding the Finau brothers and family. The businessman paid off mortgages, health insurance, bought a new car and spent the whole family, when they moved to Florida for the Finau brothers to study golf with famous coach David Leadbetter. Hola says she paid more than $ 592,000 in the past few years.

Hola also said that the two sides have reached an agreement, in which the Finau family will reimburse the advance cost and 20% of the income from the bonus income of Tony and Gipper. But so far, Hola has not received any money and according to calculations, Finau’s family must reimburse him at least 16 million USD, with interest and compensation for damages.

“We know the story and believe absolutely in the fairness of the law. Currently, we do not want to comment further”, Chris Armstrong – Finau representative said.

Finau was born in 1989 and is of Tonga and Samoan blood. He fought professionally when he was 17 years old. In 2015, Finau joined the PGA Tour. Victory at the Puerto Rico Open 2016 is so far the only Finau’s title in America’s First Class golf arena. Contrary to Mr. Finau, Gipper only attended the second-class arena Korn Ferry Tour a few times.

Although not yet able to win a second title, Finau has earned at least $ 2.9 million in prize money every year over the past four years. In the past five years at the PGA Tour, Finau has earned nearly $ 20 million through 165 events. On September 20, he returned to T8 in the major US Open, earning $ 347,000. Finau is currently ranked 14th on the world rankings – OWGR. This golfer is twice in the US team in the Ryder Cup 2018 and the Presidents Cup 2019.

The owner of the disaster putt apologizes for causing offensive

Danny Lee regretted the unsportsmanlike closing in the penultimate round of major US Open on September 19.

“I apologized for the bad actions at the US Open last week. It was extremely unsportsmanlike and stupid and of course offended fans and sponsors,” Lee wrote on Twitter on September 22. “The tired mood and suffering from trauma for the whole week made me lose control. But I shouldn’t.”

“And I also want to apologize to the American Golf Association – USGA. Their organization is great, on and off the field. Now, I’ll have to take the time to reflect on that action. In the match, I will be a kinder, more athletic person,” added the Korean New Zealand golfer.

On September 19, Lee went green and was about to finish the third round of the major event held by the USGA at West Winged Foot Stadium, New York. At that time, his ball was 1.2 meters from the hole with a high probability of keeping par. But he deflected the ball and made the ball 1.5 meters beyond the crater.

In the next four putts, Lee lurched on goal and carelessly dribbled. After each shot, the ball is 1.8 – 1.8 – 2.1 – 1.2 meters from the hole in turn. On the sixth time, Lee finished work from 2.1 meters, at the quintuple-bogey point, five strokes more than the par hole. Lee later left the tournament because of wrist pain.

Watching the clip is to know the personality of a buffalo. Even the number one golfer in the world number two, they are always extremely cautious and serious in preparing their posture, swinging the stick. And Golf Digest likened Lee’s closing scene to a broken mouse beat.

Last PGA Tour season, Lee attended 22 events, finishing 45th FedEx Cup. You are ranked 112 in the world. Golfer was born in 1990 as a professional since 2009, only has a PGA Tour trophy, at Greenbrier Classic 2015. When he won US Amateur 2008 at the age of 18, Lee broke Tiger Woods’ record to become the youngest champion in this award history.