With some tips and crucial changes to ensure the safety of players, golf now still takes place. Below are some interesting tips and methods for golf lovers for enjoying fantastic golf rounds with their friends and homies. 

Many professional rounds are canceled, why is playing golf still under safety? 

A professional golf tournament has an average number of around 25 million spectators and at least 1 million assistant staff, social media staff as well as golfers. This scale is totally different from your local golf rounds’ one. 

Golf is a form of entertaining pastime which is easy to play and bears a striking resemblance with a long stride. Especially, distinguished from other sports such as basketball, soccer, .. you can still enjoy golfing without directly touching with other players. Therefore, golfers can keep safe space between each other. Apart from that, the whole area of a golf pitch is often large. 

How to play golf safely?

Golfers need to keep themselves safe as well as raise awareness about public health by following those below notes strictly: 

The important key to being safe is to keep a distance of at least 2m with other players. Golfers should avoid direct touches in 1 gimme. They also need to retain themselves from having face-to-face conversations with others during the intervals on a tee. 

Remember to clean your hands with soaps during and after golf time. This is a simple but really effective way to kill the virus before its spreading. 

Change the habit of driving electrical motors, instead, golfers should take their own walk and bring the equipment by themselves. And if you are the one who likes assistance from a caddie, it may not be a good choice for those days. The virus can move from surfaces of different things and penetrate into your bodies without your caution. 

Shaking hands after finishing rounds are what should be adopted during this time. Golfers can replace traditional handshakes by elbow touches, or even shoes touch…