The owner of the disaster putt apologizes for causing offensive

Danny Lee regretted the unsportsmanlike closing in the penultimate round of major US Open on September 19.

“I apologized for the bad actions at the US Open last week. It was extremely unsportsmanlike and stupid and of course offended fans and sponsors,” Lee wrote on Twitter on September 22. “The tired mood and suffering from trauma for the whole week made me lose control. But I shouldn’t.”

“And I also want to apologize to the American Golf Association – USGA. Their organization is great, on and off the field. Now, I’ll have to take the time to reflect on that action. In the match, I will be a kinder, more athletic person,” added the Korean New Zealand golfer.

On September 19, Lee went green and was about to finish the third round of the major event held by the USGA at West Winged Foot Stadium, New York. At that time, his ball was 1.2 meters from the hole with a high probability of keeping par. But he deflected the ball and made the ball 1.5 meters beyond the crater.

In the next four putts, Lee lurched on goal and carelessly dribbled. After each shot, the ball is 1.8 – 1.8 – 2.1 – 1.2 meters from the hole in turn. On the sixth time, Lee finished work from 2.1 meters, at the quintuple-bogey point, five strokes more than the par hole. Lee later left the tournament because of wrist pain.

Watching the clip is to know the personality of a buffalo. Even the number one golfer in the world number two, they are always extremely cautious and serious in preparing their posture, swinging the stick. And Golf Digest likened Lee’s closing scene to a broken mouse beat.

Last PGA Tour season, Lee attended 22 events, finishing 45th FedEx Cup. You are ranked 112 in the world. Golfer was born in 1990 as a professional since 2009, only has a PGA Tour trophy, at Greenbrier Classic 2015. When he won US Amateur 2008 at the age of 18, Lee broke Tiger Woods’ record to become the youngest champion in this award history.

Chinese Golf into FedEx Cup history (Part 2)

“I like golf and get better and better and get the backing of the China Golf Association. People say my career story can inspire the youth golf movement. If that’s right, I will strive harder to be a role model for them”, Zhang said of his personal role in his home golf future.

PGA Tour launched China Series since 2014. This is a stepping stone to enter the second-class arena Korn Ferry Tour, formerly known as Tour. Thanks to a successful plow in the US third-tier system, Zhang was promoted in season 2015. But near the end of the season, Zhang was banned for six months because he had signed the wrong scoreboard twice and had to return to China Series.

Back at the starting point, he won again and was promoted again for the 2016 season. That year, Zhang was flabbergasted and didn’t have many opportunities, so he went back to the China Series for a second time before resurfacing the Tour. In his third time in this arena, Zhang hit the full 2017 calendar, finishing 20th on the scoreboard and won a ticket to the PGA Tour. For him, that is a dream.

But in 2018, Zhang did not have enough points to keep his membership card, so he was relegated. He attended 28 events and 16 failed attempts.

“I make elementary mistakes and lose control of my mood. When I don’t hit well, I become angry, and then perform poorly. Moreover, I am too focused on the immediate gain and loss. About Korn Ferry Tour 2019, I am determined to change my mindset and mentality, “Zhang explained himself on his failure as a rookie PGA Tour.

When he was traveling in America, his family was always a strong spiritual support for Zhang. He always thinks about their sacrifices for the pursuit of his golf dream. “Having good results in the awards is the best way to pay back. The understanding and support from my parents helps me feel secure in starting a career,” Zhang said.

As an insider, Zhang realizes that golf offers an opportunity to create a new life for himself and his family. Therefore, he opened a charity program to develop young golf at home. “Golf is a great sport. I am willing to share my life experiences, technical expertise and top-notch arena experiences with young people. Hope more and more young people enjoy it and will stand by. steadfast in pursuing it and my program towards that goal “, Zhang is committed to his personal contribution to the overall development of Chinese golf.

Chinese Golf into FedEx Cup history (Part 1)

Zhang Xinjun was the first Chinese golfer to win the first leg of the PGA Tour’s three-event playoff series.

Zhang will enter from 70th place when the Northern Trust – the first event in the FedEx Cup final series. This TPC Boston event has a $ 9.5 million prize fund and triple the usual points.

In the 2019-2020 season, Zhang won 24 awards, three times in the top 10 final, receiving $ 1,232 million in prize money. Since the PGA Tour opened after the translation vacation on June 11, the 1987-born golfer attended eight of the 11 events. On this journey, Zhang did not pass six cuts, finished T10 at Memorial with many stars, and T12 at the 3M Open.

From the start of the season to the time he left the Wyndham Championship after 36 holes on August 14, Zhang averaged 294 yards – almost 2 yards below the PGA Tour average. He has an accuracy of nearly 60% and a standard green rate of 66.5%. With these specifications, Zhang played a total of 75 rounds, averaging 71 strokes / 18 holes, collecting 309 birdies and four eagles.

This week, Zhang needs to maintain at least his current position in order to qualify for the BMW Championship. After that, he must be in the top 30 to compete for the event of lowering the Tour Championship and highlight his name in the history of FedEx Cup, which was born in 2007.

But before winning the playoff spot, Zhang went through 16 years of ups and downs. Originally from poor Shanxi, his parents worked as a farmer. He soon got used to walking on a hill to go to school from a young age, and then helped with the family after school.

At the age of 17, Zhang left his hometown when he asked for his foot to guard a golf course in Xian. For a short while, he switched to the training ground service. From there, Zhang showed off his golf qualities through several tries, then determined to pursue a professional golf career, starting with carrying a bag of clubs.

Mickelson suddenly thanked Tiger Woods

Sharing on his personal page on September 2, Phil Mickelson expressed his gratitude to the great contributions that once-time rival Tiger Woods made to golf.

There have been some Mickelson skeptics who want attention, but the American player insists it comes from the heart. As for the reason not to tag Woods’ official account to the open letter, Mickelson admitted he didn’t know how.

Mickelson claimed that thanks to Woods, golf is more popular in the world, and prize money has increased sharply over the past two decades. On the PGA Tour, Woods holds the prize money record, at $120,787 million while Mickelson is second with $ 92,107 million.

Mickelson has been playing professionally since 1992, winning five major in 44 PGA Tour titles and 10 European Tour titles. Woods started his career four years later, won 15 major, shared a record 82 PGA Tour titles with legendary Sam Snead and held world number one for a total of 683 weeks.

On May 24, Woods and his friends Peyton Manning defeated Phil Mickelson – Tom Brady at Medalist Stadium, Florida, bringing in $ 20 million to Covid-19 relief operations in the US. This event is The Match for the second time and there is no field audience. The program attracted 5.8 million direct viewers.

The two made a more compelling match against each other in hole 5. Mickelson then asked Woods to mark the ball 73 meters from the green. At The Match for the first time in Shadow Creek in November 2018, Lefty won “Super Tiger” after 22 resistance holes, earning $ 9 million.

PGA Tour season 2019-2020, Mickelson hit 16 awards with two top 3 finishes and seven times without cut. With his slumping form after three months of translation break and being cut off at the Northern Trust – the first event of the play-off trio on August 21, Mickelson left the FedEx Cup race.

Woods also attended seven tournaments, winning the Zozo Championship in two times in the top 10 final. He reached the BMW Championship – second playoff but put his stick on all four rounds and then finished T51 with +11. This is Woods’ first time in the tournament since the Bridgestone Invitational 2010. And as a result, he did not have a ticket to the Tour Championship at East Lake Stadium from September 4-7 for the top 30 FedEx Cup.

Top 10 golfers who used to be soccer players (Part 4)


The career of the former Hull City striker is probably not as famous as golf. He came to golf while he was away from the field to treat his injury. Born in England but his mother is German, Jimmy was called into the German team before the 2006 World Cup and the England team prepared for the 2010 World Cup qualifiers. After taking a break from football, Jimmy Bullard moved to professional play. 2013 and participated in several tournaments in the European Tour system.


The former captain of Ukraine and AC Milan club turned professional in 2013, he used to play in the Challenge Tour system (second place of the European Tour).


The former star of Liverpool Club and the Scottish football team once played for the Scottish youth golf team. Before he started playing for Liverpool in 1977, his HDC was 2. His lowest HDC was 1.7 (2001).


The former Trinidad striker has a passion for golf since he played for Aston Villa before retiring. The person who brought him to the sport was his colleague at the club, Dean Saunders.


Former Liverpool club Redknapp star is also a good golfer. His best friends are golfers Lee Westwood and Luke Donald.


He is one of Britain’s most versatile sports figures. Formerly a good footballer, sports commentator, he is also a good golfer. Perhaps that is why he was invited by the BBC to become a golf columnist.


With the nickname, Le God, former captain of Southampton club and England is a good golfer. He is rarely absent from the Pro-Am round at major tournaments. His famous quote: “My biggest passion right now is the golf club set”.


The famous striker of English football now also achieved many successes on the golf course. Along with Lee Dixon and Gary Lineker are also regular commentators on the program “Match of the Day”. He is also the founder and organizer of a charity golf tournament at Close House, Northumberland.


After finishing his 25-year football career, former striker M.U and England turned to golf. His regular playmates are Alan Shearer and Michael Owen. Teddy’s handicap is currently 8.


Former England player and current Manchester City club assistant has also run a Major Golf event company since 2009. Platt used to help player Dwight Yorke host tournaments in his hometown of Trinidad.

Should You Buy Old Golf Clubs When You Are New To Golf?

Most golf newcomers often have the question of whether to buy a new or an old golf club to play. To solve this question, we would like to give the advantages of old golf clubs so that golfers have the basis to make their own decisions.

Golf is known as a noble sport, therefore golf clubs or golf equipment and accessories are listed as items of great value. That is why the trend of buying old clubs is being influenced by golfers, especially new players. Why?

First, Buying old golf clubs saves money

Usually an old set of golf clubs costs a lot less than the new set. The price of old golf clubs usually fluctuates between 60-70% compared to new ones. This is one of the most effective ways to reduce costs when playing golf. Therefore, in order to have a good old set of clubs, golfers should choose reputable old clubs with transparent prices. 

Second, Buy good golf clubs for less money

Owning a good set of golf clubs is always the desire of golfers. However, a branded golf club, which is trusted by many professional golfers. So how to be able to own such a good club?

The best way is to choose to buy old clubs. You can buy back clubs from the old club supplier for a cheaper price and the quality of the club is not significantly reduced. Today’s golfers often upgrade their golf clubs as their performance increases rapidly in a short period of time. Therefore, the exchange of old golf clubs contributes to enrich the market. Many people used to own famous golf clubs, new golfers try to find themselves a favorite set of clubs without spending too much money to own them. Come to the golf showroom the whole world the golf club will be in your sight.

If you are interested in a golf club from a certain brand but the cost is too expensive, then choosing to hunt for old clubs is the optimal solution.

Buy old golf clubs that can easily change clubs to match the level.

This is the most important thing that longtime golfer gives advice to golfers. We cannot hit well with a good and modern club, the level of golf depends on practice and technical practice. through, not by the golf club. Of course a good set of clubs will also contribute to making shots more accurate and effective, but choosing to buy old golf clubs will easily change the club to suit your level better. 

In short, buying old clubs is the best option for general golf beginners. However, the choice of an old club or new club depends on the golfer’s preferences, budget and point of view. Therefore, in each specific situation, golfers make the most suitable choice for themselves.

Why is golf attractive to football players? (Part 3)

Among English players, Wayne Rooney has emerged as a star, both on the football field as well as on the golf course. Rooney used to own a membership card of Queenwood Club, London, one of the most expensive clubs in Europe, 200,000 pounds / year.

Rooney met and became a close friend of Rory McIlroy. Besides Rooney, MU’s current team still has many outstanding golfers such as Michael Carrick, Jonny Evans, Antonio Valencia, Chris Smalling, James Wilson … Considering football-golf club, MU is probably not prime.

One of the first English players to turn to professional golf was Julian Dicks. At the age of 29, the former West Ham player retired from the field in 2002 after suffering a leg injury determined to pursue his golf career, but after a few years the Dicks had to give up soon due to similar injuries and back to football on coaching roles.

Giải Golf “Cotana và những người bạn 2018” thành công rực rỡ

Welsh star and Real Madrid club, Gareth Bale is also considered a top player in the world of footballers. Bale was so engrossed in golf that he was injured before the Real club’s mortal matches. At Celebrity Cup 2015, Bale and teammate Rob Brydon won the opponent to bring home the championship trophy for the Welsh team.

Real club teammate Christiano Ronaldo is also a golf enthusiast. The Portuguese also often appeared at training courses and golf courses when he was not playing.

In Germany, Bayer Munich star Thomas Muller is also emerging as a golfer with great potential, so much so that Germany’s current number one golfer, Martin Kaymer commented: “He has the qualities of a good golfer and can fully pursue professional golf in the future”.

Những hình ảnh đẹp vòng 1 US Womens Open 2017 - Thế giới sân golf

But the players – the golfer mentioned above cannot help but be jealous of his colleague Carlos Tevez when he saw the Argentine player participate in the world’s oldest major, The Open 2012. Although at this tournament Tevez only played the caddy role for fellow Andres Romeo.

Why is golf attractive to football players? (Part 2)

Why do players love GOLF?

The goals of golf players are quite different. Perhaps the joy of golf comes from the calm, serene spirit, and tranquil environment that the golf course brings.

According to experts, most of the players have the natural qualities to become good golfers. This is the most popular sport not only for the players but also for the coaches because golf is considered one of the relatively safe sports.

Some soccer clubs encourage players to play golf instead of tennis to minimize the risk of injury. Players have free space, while also helping the players to train their spirit before the pressure of antagonistic matches like soccer.

Rất nhiều ngôi sao bóng đá thế giới đã có niềm đam mê với golf

In Italy, there is also an annual golf championship for players or the team The Westwoods Cup like the Ryder Cup for players around the world.

Especially in England, there are many tournaments for players such as: the annual charity tournament called Manchester Unted Foundation Golf, a former member of the club. This tournament was born in 2010 and Wayne Rooney is the most champion, twice.

The Red Devils of English football are MU and Liverpool, who are unbelievable opponents who continue to pioneer at the golf course. These two clubs last year launched a charity tournament called The Busby Shankly Cup that brings together the legends of the two clubs. The first time the tournament took place at Mere Golf Club, Cheshire region in September 2015.

Vì sao golf là môn thể thao dành riêng cho giới siêu giàu?

For golfers who love golf, when they retire, they spend more time on golf while playing, now they have more time to enjoy life. Some players usually play 5 times a week.

Speaking of the golf movement among professional players, people often think of England. Indeed, English Premier League clubs have the oldest golf tradition, more than any other country. The most prominent of these are the players from the golf hometown.

Why is golf attractive to football players? (Part 1)

In the 1950s and 60s of the last century, the football world saw great golfers like British players such as Bob Paisley, Alf Ramsey, and legendary “Flying Dutch”, Johan Cruff and many more. European players at that time.

However, in 1966, the golf sport really brought a turning point in the football world. Two days before the World Cup semi-final between the English and Portuguese football teams, instead of banning camp to focus on training, then England coach Alf Ramsey decided to bring his students to Finchley Golf Club in the north of London… play golf to relax.

Immediately, the media of the Mist rose up, a series of articles attacked Alf Ramsey to lash out this unique way of holding troops.

But then, “Three Lions” won against the Portuguese with a score of 2-1 and subdued Germany in the final to bring England to the top of the world for the first time. As a result, the attitudes of the media, football managers have changed completely, at that time the football management world viewed golf with more respectful eyes.

Golf started to explode and became a popular sport among footballers and managers alike. The golf culture has been around since then in soccer.

Today, the Premier League is a tournament that brings together more stars playing and passionate about golf than any other tournament. The golf courses in the UK are flooded with digital shorts golers of many nationalities competing in the Premier League.

Although there are many players in other European championships such as France, Italy and the Netherlands regularly play golf, when they come to England to play football, they are soon more strongly attracted to the culture. Golf of the Land of the Mist.

Player Andriy Shevchenko, after moving to Chelsea club from AC Milan, soon found a new joy in golf after training and playing. The Ukrainian striker also bought a house and membership card at Wentworth Golf Club. At the same time, this striker also owns a membership card of Wisley Golf Club, the second most famous golf club in London.

After retiring from football in 2012, Andriy Shevchenko immediately focused on golf. In 2013, he announced his transition to professional competition, competing in the Challenge Tour system (second place of the European Tour). Shevchenko’s Handicap is +2, the best of any foreign player ever to play in England.

Meanwhile, the office of Fabio Capello when the coach “Three Lions” also had a putting green system to satisfy his golf craze. Therefore, at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, only England was allowed by the coach to release camp to play golf.

And new Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho, although not playing golf, but during his time working in England he also has a special affection for golf. Even so, he immediately agreed when he was invited to be the Ambassador of the 2018 Ryder Cup, the world’s most prestigious team cup to be held in his hometown of Portugal for the first time.

The British press also revealed an interesting information, while still leading Chelsea, at the end of 2015, Mourinho was said to have met the world’s No. 1 golfer at that time, Jordan Spieth, offered a contract worth £ 50 million. to convince the American golfer to quit golf and switch to play football at Stamford Bridge Club. Of course everyone knows, Mourinho is just the person to convey the request of the Russian boss, Chelsea club president, Roman abramovich.

Outraged for no reason, the former No. 1 in the world of golf quietly quit!

When expressing his desire to attend a small tournament, the former No. 1 in the world of golf has been criticized by mediocre opponents for dirty eating, competition for places and bonuses for the poor.

PGA Tour told Vijay Singh, the former No. 1 golf world champion, decided not to attend the Korn Ferry Tour (KFT), after being unjustly abused. This year, 57 years old, the Fijian golfer has won three major tournaments in 34 titles at the PGA Tour.

About a month ago, he signed up to attend KFT Challenge at TPC Sawgrass of Florida from 11-14 June. But after Singh was criticized, the organizer confirmed that no further information was received from him.

Not only is he a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame, Singh is also a lifetime member of the PGA Tour. This position gives him the right to attend every KFT tournament for the week without his major tournament. 

This time, probably because of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting his performance, Singh chose to attend KFT while there was also a PGA Tour event taking place at the same time after being postponed from March. 

The golfer’s decision to earn more than $ 71 million (1,653 billion dong) caused a meddling golfer, Brady Schnell, to accuse Singh of being selfish, dirty, competing for the poor in need of money and scores. 

Don't get mad at Vijay Singh — not for this

However, the rest of the golf world, including Phil Mickelson winning five major tournaments, has defended the Fiji general. The reason is simple: With the benefits that the PGA Tour is for lifetime members, Singh is allowed to compete at KFT anytime, anywhere.

After realizing the problem, Schnell apologized and deleted the criticism on social networks. However, this unnecessary scandal seems to have made Singh lose interest in KFT.